WiscWeb - Embed a Google Doc

The following document will walk a user through how to embed a Google Doc within a WiscWeb webpage.

Step 1: Publish to web

Before you embed your Google Doc link, you will need to make sure it is set up to publish to the web. 

  1. Open the file in Google Docs

  2. At the top, click File > Share > Publish to web

    Display of 'publish to web' setting in Google Doc

  3. In the window that appears, keep the Link tab selected and click Publish

    Text showing the options for publishing to the web, including a blue button that says "Publish"

  4. After selecting Publish, you should see a new pop-up window with a URL of your doc. Copy that URL and save it for the next step. 

  5. Text showing URL of published Google Sheet

Step 2: Paste Google Doc URL into Text Block

  1. With the Google Doc URL copied, log in to your WiscWeb site and access the page or post that you want to paste this into

  2. In a Text Area, paste the code that you have copied into the Visual Editor. Your doc should display within a few seconds

    Text Block displaying a Google Doc embedded within it

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