Logitech MeetUp Instructions with Laptop

Instructions for Logitech MeetUp with Laptop. The Logitech MeetUp allows users to either join a hosted video conference or host their own conference. It works with Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Logitech MeetUps are in Room 216, 243, 594, and Plant Pathology Library.

Instructions For Logitech MeetUp with Laptop

  1. Turn on the TV.

  2. Select HDMI input 2 OR in Rm 594 select PC from the TV remote. 

  3. Find the StarTech A/V Hub.

  4. Plug the connector shown below into your laptop (Windows, Mac, or Chromebook will work):

       USB-C Hub for Logitech Meetup

StarTech A/V Hub - Red Box Shows Connector that Plugs Into Your Laptop

  1. Your computer may install generic device drivers.

  2. Your computer may default to extending your display to the TV I prefer, but you may want to duplicate displays between your notebook and TV screen. 

    1. You will want to confirm this.

  3. Open your preferred meetings application (Zoom or Microsoft Teams).

    1. Zoom:

      1. Go to Zoom settings.

      2. Press Video (on the left side)

      3. Make sure the camera is set to Logitech MeetUp

      4. Make sure the speaker is set to Logitech MeetUp Speakerphone

      5. Make sure the microphone is set to Logitech MeetUp Speakerphone.

    2. Microsoft Teams:

      1. Join the Microsoft Teams scheduled meeting.

      2. This will open a preview window. Make sure the video and microphone toggles are turned on.

      3. Audio devices is set to Logitech MeetUp

      4. Speaker and Microphone is set to Echo Cancelling Speakerphone

      5. Camera is set to Logitech meetup.


Problem: Zoom or Teams does not recognize the Logitech Meetup camera, microphone, or speaker.

Solution: Unplug the Logitech Meetup, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in. This corrects a majority of problems.  

Problem: The wired network connection does not work. 



Remote Control Diagram

Remote Control Diagram


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