DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Unable to Login to JIRA/ Led to Unfamiliar Screen

This document will guide you through the JIRA login process should you encounter a specific screen as a result of timing out of a Tomcat session.


DoIT JIRA uses Apache Tomcat, which is a server and JSP/Servlet container that handles both static and dynamic pages. The static pages are generated using HTML. The dynamic pages are generated using Servlet and JSP.

Apache Tomcat has a maximum session time of 300 minutes (5 hours). If you are on JIRA with work in progress and exceed the 5 hours, your session will time out and you will lose your work. You will also be led to an unfamiliar screen to log back into JIRA.

The unfamiliar screen after Apache Tomcat times out

A user who times out after being on JIRA for 5 hours will be met with this unfamiliar screen. The image below shows a JIRA screen with a Log in link on the upper right corner (see red arrow). Click on that link and you will encounter the familiar authentication screens and, once again, access JIRA.

The red X in the image that is covering the username and password fields: do not enter your information into those fields. Instead, click on the Log In link in the upper right corner as designated by the red arrow.

JIRA - click on  login link upper right corner

Familiar authentication screens

When you click on the JIRA link, you are asked to identify your UW Institution by selecting from the drop down menu and clicking Go.

    where are you from - identify institution

Next, enter your NetID and Password and go through the Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo) process.

request netid

Please direct your questions to the Shared Tools Team by contacting the Shared Tools Team.

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