BeyondTrust - Allow BeyondTrust to view and control your screen on a Mac

The security features on macOS require additional steps to allow full use of the BeyondTrust screen sharing software.

Note: If the system is running macOS Ventura, the system settings may possibly be unique to the Ventura system and thus the instructions below may not be applicable.

  1. Open the BeyondTrust file ("Open to Start Support Session") to begin the remote session.
    Screenshot - Step 1: Open to start support session
  2. Click Open System Preferences on the "Screen Recording" prompt. If you do not get this prompt, click the Apple icon in the top left of your computer screen and select System Preferences.
    Screenshot - Step 2: Open System Preferences
  3. In System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy. Next, click the lock icon in the bottom left of this window and enter your computer password when prompted to make changes.
    Screenshot - Step 3: Security & Privacy and select the lock icon
  4. Select the Privacy tab at the top, and then select Screen Recording from the menu on the left. Check the box next to "Remote Support Customer Client" (BeyondTrust).
    Screenshot - Step 4: Under Security & Privacy, select Screen Recording
  5. You will see the following prompt: "'Remote Support Customer Client' will not be able to record the contents of your screen until it is quit."; click Later.
  6. Select Accessibility from the menu on the left, and check the box next to Remote Support Customer Client.
    Screenshot - Step 6: Select Accessibility on the Security & Privacy screen, and allow BeyondTrust to control your computer
  7. Click the lock icon to prevent future changes from being made.

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