SIS - Add a Security Request


This guide is intended to be used as a reference for initiating a request for SIS security using the SIS Security Request eForm through the SIS Security Requests tile in SIS.

Step 1

Log in to SIS with your NetID and password.

Step 2

From the Administrative Homepage, click the SIS Security Requests tile.

Note: Additional information about the process can be found on the SIS Security Requests page.

Step 3

From the menu on the left of the screen, click the option for Add a SIS Security Request.

Use the Search by: fields below to search for information on the employee who needs access:

  • UW NetIDs (must use lower case): Enter the NetID of the employee who needs access. The employee must have a NetID in order for the request to be submitted.
  • First Name & Last Name: Use the First Name and Last Name fields together in order to search by full name for the employee.
  • HRS Emplid: Enter a value if you know the employee’s HRS Emplid (this is different from the employee’s SIS Emplid).
  • Department: Enter the value of the employee’s UDDS code if known.

Step 4

On the Employee/Approver Information page, fill in the following information. 

  • Request Type: click the down arrow to select the type of user.
    • New Staff/Transfer: Select for a user who is new to UW–Madison or transfers to a new Department/UDDS; all user security previous to the transfer will be removed and replaced with the requested access. This should also be used for a current staff member who does not already have SIS access.
    • Update Current Staff: Select to add or remove roles for the current staff member in your department who already has SIS access.
  • Employee/Employment information, based on information from Human Resources.
  • User Account Info, user account information may display, if an account exists, but will be reviewed by Security Authorizations.
  • Department Authorizer: Click the magnifying glass in the "Authorizer HRS Emplid" field to search for the appropriate Department Authorizer who will approve the security request after it is submitted. This may be your supervisor or someone in your department who understands your security needs. In most cases, you will need to use the search feature by expanding Search Criteria at the top of the page to search by first and last name.
  • SIS Department/Division Approver, based on who approves security requests for your division or school/college.

Step 5

From the Add Roles page, select the appropriate roles based on the user's job responsibilities.

  • Select appropriate roles based on the user’s job responsibilities. Review the SIS Roles Catalog to help determine roles needed before starting the request. Be as specific as possible when making your selections. Forms submitted without adequate information about the access will result in processing delays.
  • Use the links for “Role Details” on the right side of the page for a detailed description of the type of access for each role, as well as the type of approval and/or training needed (if necessary).
  • Roles that require training should be requested even if training is not complete. 
    • Roles will be denied until the user completes the training but the other account updates will be made. 
    • If no other account updates are needed, the request will be held until training is complete. 
  • Review notRes and instructions carefully.  They provide information on overlapping roles, along with instructions on what is needed to request training.

Student Bio/Demo & Academic Data Inquiry Roles

  • Contains some of the common roles for viewing student data. You will not be able to select multiple roles with overlapping access

Inquiry Roles Requiring Approval or Training

  • Select one or more roles based on your job responsibilities.
  • Each of these roles will require business justification.

Additional Roles by Category

  • Selecting "Yes" for any of these will open a section below with the available roles for the category.

Restricted Roles by Office

  • If you do not see roles you need, they may be restricted to specific offices. Click the drop-down menu to see if your office is listed. If so, it will open another section below with a list of roles that may be available to you.

Step 6

The Functional Security page will display if you selected a role on the previous page that will require functional security. Sections include Academic Plans, Student Groups, Service Indicators, and Subjects. 

  • Select the appropriate functional security from the drop-down lists:
    • Academic Plans must be selected if requesting SR_PROGRAM_PLAN_RQSTS_DEPT or SR_PROGRAM_PLAN_RQSTS_DEAN.
    • Student Groups must be selected if requesting SR_USG.
    • Service Indicators must be selected if requests SR_USI.
    • Subjects must be selected if requesting SR_UENRL, SC_TTBL2, or SR_PERC_ROSTERS.
  • If you do not find the correct values in the drop-down lists, you can use the switches for additional plans, student groups, service indicators, or subjects. Each will open a box for you to indicate the additional access needed.  

Step 7

If applicable, review the Current Roles page. This page displays for Current Staff request types only.

  • Review the current roles associated with the employee’s SIS account.
  • Use the Yes/No switch in the Delete Role column; slide the switch to "Yes" if you want to delete the corresponding role from the user's SIS account.

Step 8

Use the Role Summary/Approvals page to review the list of the roles requested. This list contains a summary of the roles selected on the Add Roles and Current Roles pages and contains a training required indicator and the approving department for roles that require approval.

  • Review this page carefully.
  • If adjustments are needed, click "Previous" to return to the Add Roles or Current Roles pages to update your selections.

Additional Access Needed

If you were unable to find all of the roles needed, set "I need additional access" to Yes. It will open a box for you to enter the role names or other requests. This will require the request to be routed to Security Authorizations for review. Your request could be delayed if Security Authorizations has additional questions due to lack of detail or specific role names.

Compliance Agreement (will only show to a new user)

For request types of New Staff/Transfer, the employee will be required to sign a compliance agreement certifying they understand their responsibilities of access and use of SIS data.


Click on the arrow if you want to add notes for the approvers. Enter any information you think should be noted or helpful to the user and others when approving the form.

Step 9

Click Submit when done and it will be routed for approvals.

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