Blended Course Map: OT 100 — Orientation to Occupational Therapy

Blended Learning

This blended course map was created by a participant of the Blend@UW Course Design Series. It represents an example of how activities could be designed for one unit of a course to achieve the course and unit outcomes.

Example of a blended course map from OT 100 — Orientation to Occupational Therapy

Name: Jean Patz
SCID: School of Education
Department: Kinesiology
Course Name: OT 100 — Orientation to Occupational Therapy

Supported Program Outcomes:

OT 100 is an undergraduate class and OT courses are at the graduate or doctoral level so the
program outcomes don’t match the undergraduate level.
  • SPO1 (MSOT level outcome)- Articulate the values of the profession of occupational therapy
  • SPO2 (MSOT level outcome)-Describe the varied roles of OT as a practitioner, educator, researcher, and entrepreneur
  • SPO3 (OTD level outcome)-Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the evolution of the profession, the social and global forces influencing practice, delivery models, policies, and systems, including interprofessional and emerging areas of practice.

Course Objectives:

  • CO1. Describe the philosophical base of the profession of OT
  • CO2. Define occupational therapy
  • CO3. Identify the unique roles of an occupational therapist
  • CO4. Interpret the meaning of occupation and its value to health and well-being
  • CO5. Identify the domain and process of occupational therapy
  • CO6. Identify professional behaviors essential to the practice of OT
  • CO7. Describe the educational requirements and applicable national and state credentialing involved in becoming an occupational therapist
  • CO8. Articulate how evidenced-based research impacts OT
  • CO9. Evaluate whether your personal goals and values align

Course Units:

  • Module 1: in-class What is OT? History & Philosophy
  • Module 2: in-class What are “Occupations”?
  • Module 3: in-class OT Practice Framework
  • Module 4: in-class Pathways from Student to Professional
  • Module 5: online General Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 6: in-class Clinical Roles-Pediatrics
  • Module 7: in-class Clinical Roles-Mental Health
  • Module 8: online Clinical Roles-Adult Rehabilitation & Elderly
  • Module 9: in-class Clinical Roles-Hand Therapy
  • Module 10 online Non-clinical Roles-Educator and Scholar
  • Module 11 in-class Empathy Exercise-lab
  • Module 12 online Non-Clinical Roles-Researcher
  • Module 13 online Non-Clinical Roles-Advocate, Consultant & Entrepreneur
  • Module 14 in-class MSOT student panel
  • Module 15 online Wrapping up and Self Reflection (last day of class)

Unit Being Redesigned:
Module 1: in-class What is OT? History & Philosophy

Unit Objectives:

  • UO1. Summarize the main themes in the official definition of OT.
  • UO2. Identify the early social structures, political movements, and cultural influences that
  • impacted the profession.
  • UO3.Identify each of the original founders’ contributions to the creation of occupational therapy.
  • UO4.Describe how our history has informed the 2025 vision for occupational therapy.
  • UO5.Describe the philosophical base of the profession of OT including a holistic and client-centered approach, active beings with potential for change, and occupation as a means and an end
Activity Map
Pre-Class Activities In-Class Activities Post-Class Activities
Read Content on Canvas page:
What is OT?
  • AOTA Brochure on OT
  • Definitions of OT from 5 different sources UO1
Watch video:
  • What can OT do for you? UO1
  • Create a brief definition of OT on padlet. UO1
  • Brief lecture reviewing pre-class content UO1
  • Active learning activity-Role play communicating OT with partner UO1
  • Group Discussion about experience of explaining OT-UO1
(The beginning of class will be spent on student introductions and covering the syllabus since it is the first class. I did not include these activities in this course map assignment)
  • Read History of OT and OT Philosophy Canvas pages. UO2,UO4, UO5
  • View links to OT founders UO3
  • Watch Celebrating AOTA’s Centennial: A historical look at 100 years of OT
  • Take quiz about OT founders UO2, UO3
  • Post application assignment about current factors impacting OT-UO4
  • Complete unit quiz - UO1, UO2, UO3,UO4, UO5
  • Complete wrap-up survey

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