Learn@UW/D2L - Change File Dialog on Edit Artifact Page Requires First Pressing Remove Icon

On the "Edit Artifact" page of an ePortfolio there is a Change File button to allow replacing the existing file with a new uploaded file. The dialog brought up has just a 'remove' ( remove ) icon to delete the existing file that has to be pressed before proceeding to upload the replacement file.

Without on-line instructions, this can be misleading.

Change File dialog
The complete procedure to change the file used as an artifact is as follows:
  1. Go to the ePortfolio tool.
  2. Select "My Items" from near the top.
  3. Locate the artifact for which you want to change the file.
  4. Select Edit from the drop-down by the artifact.
  5. Press Change File from the "Edit Artifact" page.
  6. Press the 'remove' ( remove ) icon from the "Change File" dialog.
  7. Press Change File from within the dialog.
  8. Press Upload from the "Add a File" dialog.
  9. Browse to and select the new file.
  10. Press Add from the "Add a File" dialog.
  11. Press Save from the "Change File" dialog.
  12. Press Save and Close (from back in the 'Edit Artifact' page).

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