Using the Logitech MeetUp

How to use a Logitech MeetUp Device

Science Hall has several rooms outfitted with Logitech MeetUp video conferencing devices. These devices contain a speaker, microphone, and camera all in one unit. 

Logitech MeetUp videoconferencing devices have two required connections: power via the supplied A/C adapter and a USB cable to connect to a computer. An optional extension microphone can also be added to capture audio for larger meetings.

Logitech MeetUp Front Features
To begin using the Logitech MeetUp videoconferencing device, connect the USB cable to the laptop. This USB cable provides the camera and audio feeds to your laptop. 
Then, attach the HDMI cable from the projector or TV to your laptop to display the video and play the audio from the Logitech MeetUp device.
When done, you should have two connections: the USB cable going to the Logitech MeetUp device, and the HDMI cable going to the TV or projector. Note that some PCs and pretty much all Apple devices will require adapters for connectivity. 
Turn on the TV or projector and select the correct input. If you are unsure which input to use, please consult your IT department for assistance.
Open Zoom/Teams and set your audio and video settings to use the Logitech MeetUp Speakerphone for camera, microphone, and speakers. 
Zoom Settings for Logitech MeetUpTeam Settings Logitech MeetUp
The Logitech MeetUp videoconferencing device comes with a remote control that allows the operator use pan, zoom, and tilt the camera to the desired angle. The home button will return the camera to the default position.
No video/flickering video:
-Ensure that the camera selected in your videoconferencing software is the Logitech MeetUp device. You'll want the same device for microphone and speaker as well. 
-Is the proper input selected on the TV or projector? Check local signage for instructions or contact IT support for assistance. 
-Set your laptop's display resolution to the TV or projector's native resolution. Check your laptop's documentation or consult with IT support for assistance.
-For computers using multiport adapters (pictured below) an external power supply might be necessary to supply enough power for the video. Plugging your A/C adapter into the multiport adapter usually fixes the issue.
Multiport Adapter Example 
No sound:
-Make sure that speakers are not muted and that the output device/speakers are set to Logitech MeetUp in your videoconferencing software. Note: The ring around the camera will turn from light blue to red when muted. Pressing unmute on the external microphone or in your videoconferencing software will turn the light from red to light blue, indicating that the microphone is live. 

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