How to Run: cerebTypicalProduction

How to run cerebTypicalProduction, part of cerebellar battery (2022-23)


What's special about this experiment

This is a straight production experiment with no auditory feedback manipulations or anything special. Participants will see words on the screen and read them out loud. They do not need headphones. The study is meant to record typical productions of word-initial vocieless stops. 

This experiment is part of the cerebellar battery being run at multiple sites. Participants will be coming for full-day visits. As such, they will likely have completed consent forms and participant histories at a different time, not after this individual experiment (at some future point there will be a document on how to wrangle a full- or multi-day participant visit at each site).

Initial practice

To run the experiment, type in the command run_cerebTypicalProduction_expt. When prompted, enter in the participant code and their height. 

The participant will see the instructions on the screen. 

The participants will first do a practice phase to get the first-time production of the word out of the way, and to get familiar with the words and the pacing of the experiment. You can also use this time to fine-tune the gain on the microphone.

At the end of practice, ask the participant: "The rest of the experiment will go just like that. Are you feeling okay to move onto the task, or would you like to practice again?"  Make sure that the speed is okay for them. 

If they would like to redo the practice, they can, but there is no benchmark they need to pass in order to move on. 

Note: if they are having a hard time with how fast the trials are going, you can type 'redo' when prompted, and then type 'yes' when asked if the participant would like slower trials. This will slow the trial down by 0.5 seconds, and then run through practice again with the slower pace. 

Main Phase

"We'll now continue with the main experiment, which will take 5-10 minutes. Do you have any questions before we start?"

If no questions, "Whenever you're ready, you may begin."

Things to keep an eye on:

  • Monitor the amplitude level. You may need to adjust the microphone gain if the participant starts talking too loudly or too quietly. If the participant loses a lot of oomph in their voice, you can encourage them to take a break or drink some water. 

Note: there is no pause function in this script, only the automatic breaks (every 20 trials). 

Data transfer

  • If running at UW: the data will be saved in C:\Users\Public\Documents\experiments\cerebTypicalProduction\acousticData\. Copy the participant's folder into: \\wcs-cifs\wc\smng\experiments\cerebTypicalProduction\acousticData 
  • If NOT running at UW: the data will be saved into the folder generated by get_acoustSavePath('cerebTypicalProduction'). Copy the participant's folder into the path generated by get_acoustLoadPath('cerebTypicalProduction')

If Matlab crashes during the experiment

As of 9/26/2022 there is no restart script for this function. However, the entire experiment takes about 5 minutes so you can just rerun it. 


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