OnCore: Entering Summary Accrual Information

Instructions for entering Summary Accrual information when appropriate. These parameters are designed for ORG studies using summary accrual, but may be utilized by any study tracking summary accrual in OnCore.

What is Summary Accrual?

Summary accrual is a method of collecting subject information without identifying or tracking individual subjects.

For which protocols do I need to report Summary Accrual?

This must be reported for any Other Research Group (ORG) studies that are not using full accrual reporting (registering each participant in OnCore).

Only use summary accrual where accrual is applicable and the study does not specifically allow the collection of demographics.

If you are collecting demographics, full accrual should be utilized, regardless of DT4 type (DT4 type applies to oncology studies only).

Outside of ORG studies, best practice is to report summary accrual for any protocol that does not use full accrual reporting.

How often do I update Summary Accrual?

List monthly counts of accrued subjects.

  • This means the From Date will be the first of the month and the Thru Date will be the final day of that month.

Best practice is to update the summary accrual the first business day of the month.

What information is required?

For ORG studies, you must use the Accrual Summary Tab DFD as your guide for data entry and requirements.

OnCore requires you to enter the following information:

  • From Date
  • Thru Date
  • Accrual (number accrued during that time frame)
  • Internal Accrual Reporting Group

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