Fostering Community

Introduction: Fostering Community

This document series provides an overview of key teaching strategies (including links to additional resources) for fostering community in an online course. While framing these strategies is targeted toward a fully asynchronous online course, they are also relevant for courses being offered in any modality.

[Note: The content you will explore here has been modified from its original version as an asynchronous micro-course offered to faculty in August 2022. Some language in the following text and/or videos may refer to this course. Future offerings can be found at]

Learning Objectives

As the title implies, this document series will help you develop important skills to foster a learning community in an online course. After reviewing the content found in the three links below, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between community in-person and community in online courses.
  • Promote a welcoming online course environment.
  • Select strategies for moderating asynchronous discussions.
  • Identify ways to maintain interaction throughout the course.

Get Started

This content is organized in a way that guides you through common questions about fostering community in the online environment. While you can explore the three topics in any order, we recommend the sequence below:

  1. Community in an online course
  2. Community building in my online course
  3. What strategies can enhance community in my online course?

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