Top Hat - Ordering Textbooks in Top Hat [UW-Madison]

This document offers recommendations for ordering textbooks through Top Hat. It also explains how instructors can author textbooks with Top Hat.


Top Hat is an active learning platform that provides instructors with several options for engaging students: asking questions, presenting polls, creating and assigning textbooks and written assignments, giving quizzes, providing in class discussion etc. Additionally, Top Hat hosts a marketplace for textbooks and other content created using their platform. This kb doc explains the textbook ordering and creating features of the Top Hat platform.

Ordering Top Hat Textbooks

Top Hat has over 2500 interactive Textbooks available to order from their Marketplace (including a few free/OER textbooks). Top Hat textbooks are displayed in the Top Hat platform and can be imported into your Top Hat course and edited or modified to fit your needs. This includes deleting content you don’t want, adding new content that you create, modifying existing content and adding questions and assessments specific to your course.

If you want to order and use a Top Hat textbook for your course, please order it through the Unizin Engage program as this will trigger a discount for your students. 

Creating your own textbook/content with Top Hat

In addition to ordering and/or modifying textbooks in Top Hat, instructors can author their own textbook or other course materials using Top Hat’s interactive platform. If you do not want to make this content available for other instructors, then you can simply create the content directly in your Top Hat course.

Top Hat also has a program for users who are interested in writing a new textbook. If you do want to become an official Top Hat Author, you need to author content in the official Top Hat Authoring Space. Top Hat will work with you on setting a price for the textbook and making it available to others.

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