University Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-10-17

Minutes approved 24-10-2022

Minutes for 10/17/2022

UC members present: Babcock, Bernard-Donals, Li, Papp (chair), Tejedo-Herrero, Thibeault

Others: Alex Pierce, Greg Bump, Jennifer Noyes, Julie Scharm, Jake Smith

Chair Papp called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.

The minutes for the meeting of October 10, 2022, were approved by consent.   

Rob Cramer, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, discussed the lease of BSL2 and 3 spaces in Research Park. This will free up some space on campus and allow those spaces to be upgraded. Renovations for lab space are still slow.

They are continuing to work on the west side campus innovation plan. They are looking at peer campuses to learn from their experience. Planning for the east side of campus innovation district will begin in early January.

The demolition for the CDIS building is on schedule. Bids for the project are due in November with completion in early 2025.

For PROFS, Michelle Felber and Jack O’Meara said they are waiting to see what happens with the elections. The Board of Regents budget is out and PROFS plans to focus efforts on the pay plan.

Bernard-Donals moved to approval amendments to FPP 7.31. Seconded and approved unanimously.

Bernard-Donals moved to approval amendments to FPP 5.10 and 5.22. Seconded and approved unanimously.

The University Committee also discussed how to incorporate Native November into the November Senate meeting. They will reach out to the Native Nations Working Group for ideas.

Chancellor Mnookin said she has spoken to Steve Ackerman regarding RSP and processing times, which was mentioned at the Senate. She asked him to think about how to communicate on where things stand and when things will be caught up.

In regards to the TOP program, there are many questions including an upcoming Supreme Court decision and how it will impact future plans.

The Chancellor shared she had recently attended her first WARF board meeting. There were conversations about how federal funding for research is changing. She posed the question t about whether UW-Madison wants to pursue some of the big team science projects and if so, whether there were structures on campus to facilitate that.

Papp adjourned the meeting at 3:02.

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