Qualys VM - Cybersecurity Maintained Scan Option Profiles

This article serves as a reference for all the Cybersecurity maintained scan option profiles within the Qualys console


Cybersecurity-Citrix Netscaler Profile

This profile conducts a full vulnerability scan for your Citrix Netscaler.

Cybersecurity-Log4Shell Scanning Profile

This profile conducts a scan for all Log4Shell related vulnerability.

Cybersecurity-PCI Profile

This profile conduct the quarterly scans required to show compliance with PCI DSS. If a report from an PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) is required please email cybersecurity@cio.wisc.edu for the report.

Cybersecurity-SSL Certificate Profile

This profile conducts a scan to evaluate the SSL certificate configuration on servers/endpoints. The results of the scan can be viewed in CertView module. This profile will conduct a check for if a certificate is valid and trusted, the protocol support, key exchange support and cipher support. In addition, it will also check for the certificates expiration date and email alerts can be configured to let you and your team know when certificates are about to expire.

Cybersecurity-Network Inventory Profile

This profile conducts a lightweight scan that checks for assets on the network. This option profile can allow administrators to identify assets on the network that is potentially missing the Cloud Agent or not compatible with the Cloud Agent such as printers, ESXi servers, and other incompatible devices based on OS fingerprinting.

Cybersecurity-Vulnerabilities Not Detected by Cloud Agent

This profile conducts a vulnerability scan of all vulnerabilities that the Cloud Agent it NOT able to detect. Cybersecurity recommends running this profile with an INTERNAL scanner against Cloud Agent hosts.

Cybersecurity-Remote Access Port Scan Profile

This profile conducts a port scan for remote access ports (22, 23, 139, 445, 3283, 3389, 5700, 5800, 5900). Cybersecurity recommends running this profile with an EXTERNAL scanner against assets open to the world.

Cybersecurity-Default Option Profile (default)

This profile is the default profile recommended by Cybersecurity. This profile will check for all the vulnerabilities that Qualys can detect. Cybersecurity recommends running this profile from both an EXTERNAL and INTERNAL scanner to get a complete vulnerability view into all network assets.


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