A/B Email Comparison Testing

Eloqua's A/B Testing Tool helps you compare variations of an email automatically.
Have you ever had an internal dilemma or disagreement with a co-worker about which subject line is best? Does a button link or text link get the most clicks?

Find out for sure what works best with your audience using Oracle Eloqua's A/B test tool.  

Available Test Metrics: (comparison variables)
  • Total Opens
  • Unique Opens
  • Total Clicks
  • Unique Clicks
  • Click-Through Rate

Determine which variable you'd like to test and make a copy of (or "save as") your primary email so that you have two almost identical emails, making sure they contrast in the variables you'd like to test such as different subject lines or different email canvas visuals, as examples.  i.e. to test subject lines you would measure Total Opens.

Eloqua can automatically test a portion of your Segment and send the "winner" of the test outcome to the rest of your Segment members.  

Access A/B Testing in the Simple Email Campaign Design canvas.  

A/B test screen shot

Choose your Segment as you normally would in a Simple Campaign.

Next, specify the two email messages you'd like to test.
screen shot of the email specification area in Eloqua
Configure the time limit and the portion of your Segment to use for the test by moving the slider left or right.  The parameters in the screen shot below are set to measure 47% of all Segment contacts the tests and the other 53% will receive the Winning Version. 

Specify the Winning Metric and the length of time to run the test, and finally whether or not you want the remaining sample of your Segment to receive the winning version, which is recommended.  
Test parameter screen shot

Finally, set your Email Delivery as you normally would, (i.e. "Send Right Now" or "Schedule for a Later Time") and "Activate." 

You will receive an email report (see image below) and can see the results directly in your Campaign.  

Image of test results email

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