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Program Areas

Oncology: lists the internal programs of the Cancer Center (as reported on the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant). Program Areas are assigned by the PI based on the objectives of the protocol, not the Program of the PI, which is in the UWCCC Membership Directory.

Non-oncology: Not applicable



Select the Program Area that best fits the scientific aims/science of the protocol of the study and mark it PRIMARY. Refer to list of Program Areas for program descriptions.

If more than one program aligns well with the study aims, add a second program. The program that best aligns with the study aims should be marked as PRIMARY. No more than two programs may be entered.

If studies are open to accrual at affiliates sites only, enter 'N/A' in the program area, unless a UW investigator authored the protocol. If so, enter the Program as indicated above.

This field is manually reviewed by Clinical Research leadership. Do not change Program Area(s) following PRMC approval without first consulting PRMC staff.

General guide for assigning Program Area(s):

  • Therapeutic drug trials = DT
  • Prevention drug/agent trials = CPC
  • Imaging, radiopharmaceutical and radiation trials = IR
  • Molecularly based drug trials = DT (primary), GEM (secondary)
  • Drug + Radiation trials = dependent upon experimental component(s) of trial
  • Behavioral, epidemiological and most health services studies = CPC
  • VR, TM, GEM = rare for interventional trials.

The planned column is marked 'N' when NCI has approved the program area and 'Y' indicates the program area is planned however has not yet been approved by the NCI. Never check this box.

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