University Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-11-21

Minutes approved 11-28-2022

UC members present: Babcock, Bernard-Donals, Li, Papp (chair), Tejedo-Herrero, Thibeault

Others: Julie Scharm, Paul Seitz, Jake Smith

Chair Papp called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.

The minutes for the meeting of November 14, 2022, were approved with one edit.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Rob Cramer encouraged everyone to submit feedback on the candidates for the Chief Human Resources Officer position. OHR recently hired a new BIPOC specialist and is also looking for a LGBTQ+ specialist.

Initial results from the staff climate survey has been posted on the Provost office website ( A full analysis will be published in a couple weeks. The survey had about a 38% response rate.

Administrative Systems Portfolio is looking at a portfolio management approach for implementing ATP and other related items. This is a UW-Madison and UW System project. Someone from DoIT has agreed to serve as the lead for this project.

The west district campus planning project is on schedule. They will be going to the Board of Regents with an update in the spring and then actionable items later in the summer. The process for the east district plan will begin in early 2023.

Jack O’Meara and Michelle Felber, PROFS, reported that Diane Hesselbein has been elected to the State Senate replace Senator Erpenbach. Kelda Roys a senator from the Madison area has been appointed to the Joint Finance Committee. The state is reporting a $6.6 billion surplus that could fund every agency budget and still have $4 billion left over.

PROFS met with interim Chief Human Resources Officer, Patrick Sheehan, about paid parental leave. The plan would not require any legislative work, but the plan is to remain in touch with the Department of Administration and legislators.

Ann Sheehy and Pete Miller presented the Athletic Board annual report. UW-Madison student athletes carried a record high 3.38 cumulative gpa this past year. They also had the most students ever recognized as Big Ten All Academic honorees and the graduation success rate was 91%.

There are new building projects. The south endzone of Camp Randall project was completed and opened this fall. The Kohl Center is currently undergoing renovation.

As the result of the Alston case, UW-Madison is paying $5980 per student-athlete based on academic outputs.

Michelle Young provided the University Curriculum Committee annual report. They reviewed approximately 550 course changes and several policy related issues. They completed a project of looking at course requisites and making sure they were enforceable. The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office is looking at learning outcomes for approximately 6000 courses and the University Curriculum Committee will also work on that project.

Papp motioned, and it was seconded, to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss committee members at 2:18.

Bernard-Donals motioned to reconvene in open session at 3:05. It was seconded and approved.

Papp adjourned the meeting at 3:12.

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