Padlet Accessibility and Usability Information

This document summarizes the accessibility and usability barriers identified during testing as well as how to get help when using Padlet, a web app collaboration tool.

Get help

  • Contact the DoIT Help Desk for general assistance or to report an accessibility or usability barrier.

Additional resources

Accessibility & usability barriers 

The following information is provided to help people with disabilities know what potential barriers may exist.

Magnification and interface barriers create difficulties perceiving information for some users, such as people with low vision.

Between 300-400% magnification, some buttons, such as “more options,” become inaccessible to access and scroll through. At 300% magnification, there is some overlap between the toolkit and search bar.  Additionally, some focus indicators, links, buttons, and logos lack strong color contrast.

Significant barriers for individuals using screen readers to enhance accessibility, such as people with low vision and blindness.

Several Padlet features are inaccessible to screen readers, including the Avatar, “more options expanded menu, and drawing feature. Focus has additional barriers for screen reader users. Focus does not automatically move to alerts after a task is completed, which may lead to confusion for users. Focus does not move into expanded popup windows. Focus may move and crash the page after opening and closing an announcement.  Heading levels are missing and skipped. Status updates are missing as well as a skip to main content link. Some items are labeled as groups and not buttons, which may confuse users as to how to interact with features. Some hidden elements, such as a checkbox, may create confusion for sighted users using a screen reader.

Keyboard navigation barriers limit accessibility to all web features for some users, such as people with motor disabilities.

Items within the settings and help menu are inaccessible as well as the account and gallery button.  he Test Padlet is not accessible to keyboard users. Focus styling is inconsistent.

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