Endpoint Management Service - Offboarding IT Staff

Information for campus partners on what to do if you or someone on your team is leaving the university and is managing IT assets via BigFix or Workspace ONE.

Who should use this document:

  • An employee who is in charge of managing IT assets via BigFix or Workspace ONE and is leaving UW
  • A manager or team member of an employee who is leaving UW and that employee manages IT assets via BigFix or Workspace ONE

What you should do:

The best scenario is that the departing employee will be able to work with existing staff and/or their successor to transition what they were doing in these tools to someone else.  If this is not the case then you will likely need to contact SEAM for assistance to determine what the departing employee was doing with Bigfix and Workspace ONE.

  • BigFix
    • Review deployment content the departing employee may have created, especially if marked as private, so anything that is still needed can be accessed by existing staff (items marked as private will need to be made public by the departing employee or SEAM)
    • Review any open actions the departing employee may have and determine if the actions need to continue running; if there are fixlets/baselines that are intended to be persistent then they should be stopped and re-actioned under a different account
    • Review any web reports the departing employee may have created that your department relies on
  • Workspace ONE
    • Review content or workflows the departing employee has created to ensure existing staff understand and are able to take over managing the content
  • Contact SEAM
    • Send in a ticket to SEAM to let them know you're ready to have the departing staff person removed from BigFix and Workspace ONE or if you are in need of assistance with any of the steps mentioned above.
email template


Subject: Offboard <First Last> from <BigFix> <Workspace ONE>


I have reviewed the "Endpoint Management Service - Offboarding" KB document and would like to have <First Last> removed from <BigFix> <WorkspaceONE>.  I am confident that all of the content they worked on has been transitioned to other team members.

Thank you,

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