College Library - Undergraduate Symposium - Poster Creation

This document provides information for printing a poster with College Library for the Undergraduate Symposium.

Get Help Making a Poster

Technical Help

The College Library Computer Lab staff may be able to assist with poster verification and software troubleshooting needs, depending on the type of issue involved. Lab computers are equipped with a variety of different software options for poster creation and error checking.

Design Help

DesignLab is a free library service open to UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff to help you design better digital projects. You can make a one-on-one or small group appointment to get help with your poster. DesignLab staff can help you think through your layout, visualizations, font and color choices, or just be a second set of eyes on your poster before you print. Make an appointment:

Printing a Poster with College Library

Note: Though our staff will review all submitted posters prior to printing and alert you of errors they notice, we will not reprint your poster for free if there are errors missed during the review. Make sure your file is the way you want it before submitting it through the online portal.

  1. Check through your poster for errors
  2. Make sure your file is 43in x 36in (See Helpful Tips)
  3. Save your file as a TIFF file for most consistent output (See Helpful Tips)
  4. Name your file as: UGS-FirstNameLastName
    • Example: URS-HelenWhite or URS-BuckyBad-ger
  5. Go to and sign in
  6. Click "Order a Print" and choose College Library
  7. Upload your file and click "Next"
  8. Input the following numbers into the next screen
    • Width: 43
    • Height: 36
    • Quantity: 1
  9. Choose your preferred paper type (Satin or Glossy) and click "Next"
  10. Review your information and click "Finalize Order"
    • Note: One poster will be provided free of charge per URS participant, Estimated Cost field can be ignored

Helpful Tips

  • Zoom to 100% to check print quality, take specific note of image quality at this setting:
    • Powerpoint: Located on the bottom right.
    • Photoshop: Located on the bottom left.
  • Things to look for when checking thoroughly for errors:
    • Misplaced/Overset text
    • Spelling errors
    • Missing pictures, graphs, or error bars
  • How to check that the size of your poster is 43×36:
    • Powerpoint (for Windows): Design > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size
    • Powerpoint (for Mac): Design > Slide Size > Page Setup
    • Photoshop: Image > Image Size
  • How to convert your file to TIFF:
    • Powerpoint (for Windows): File > Save As and use the dropdown menu to select TIFF.
      • (If concerned with resolution, first save to PDF, then follow the PDF instructions below).
    • Powerpoint (for Mac): Saving as TIFF from
      • PPT for Mac does not maintain the correct sizing and resolution. Please use Powerpoint for Windows.
    • Photoshop: File > Save As and use the dropdown menu to select TIFF.
    • InDesign: File > Export and use the dropdown menu to select Adobe PDF (Print). Then follow the PDF instructions below.
    • PDF: Open using Photoshop. Then, File > Save As and use the dropdown menu to select TIFF.

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