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This document describes DoIT Support's supported operating system (OS) policy, including what constitutes an unsupported OS and what happens to machines falling into this category.

What OS Versions are Supported?

Typically, the three most recent major OS versions are supported, however support for newly released major versions of OSes will lag slightly behind public availability to allow for evaluation, compatibility testing, and approval of the new OS by DoIT Support.

Why is the supported OS policy important?

Some of the most important reasons to remain up to date are:

  • Improved security
  • Access to latest features
  • Better compatibility
  • Better device performance
  • Vendor support
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

What happens if my device is not on a supported OS version?

DoIT has many tools and methods to ensure devices stay up to date and will never fall into this category. If you have a system that is not on a supported OS version and are unsure how to update it, please let us know and we can assist in getting the system up to date. If a system is too old to receive a supported OS version, we will likely recommend it be replaced. If you have received communication from Departmental Support that you have out of support devices, please see this documentation on how to handle that.

Desktop Support Customers - DoIT Support

Managed Security Layer (MSL) Customers - MSL Support

What does it mean to be Unsupported?

When a machine falls into the unsupported category, we will provide best effort support, but no extraordinary effort will be made to ensure compatibility for an OS that is no longer supported.

  • If a problem is determined to be due to old OS version, we will recommend an upgrade
  • The machine will remain enrolled in and receive any compatible Managed Security Layer services
  • We will not make any effort to deny updates or deployments due to unsupported OS, but if an update or deployment fails on these machines, we will not spend extra effort to ensure they receive them
  • If hardware is unable to support one of the approved OS versions, we will recommend replacement
Current Supported OS Versions
Windows - Build


Windows 11
23H2 - 22631
22H2 - 22621
21H2 - 22000 - Support ending October 2024

Windows 10
22H2 - 19045
21H2 - 19044

Sonoma (14)

Ventura (13)

Monterey (12) - Support Ending Late 2024

If you have any questions or concerns please contact DoIT Support.


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