GitLab - Project Management

GitLab can be used for project management and receiving requests. It supports predictive, agile, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) planning. Learn more about agile planning with GitLab

Teams can use GitLab for:

  • Internal communications between project team members
  • External communications with customers
  • Planning of Agile sprints and Kanban pull systems
  • Organizing a backlog and work in progress using sprints, epics, versions, and releases (milestones)
  • Reporting or board views using labels and groups
  • Seeing the status of work using workflows (e.g. Pending → To Do → In Progress → On Hold → Done/Completed)

Agile Planning with GitLab Video (4:15 seconds)

Key Features

  • Road-maps: Epics and milestones in a group containing a start date or due date can be displayed in a timeline.
  • Groups: Use groups to organize value streams and teams
  • Projects: Create projects to manage source code, documentation, and issues
  • Epics & Sub-epics: Use epics to organize business initiatives and groups of issues that share a theme across sub-groups, projects, and milestones.
  • Boards: Use boards to create Kanban and Scrum boards, see issues by team members, or issues by importance
  • Iterations: Use iterations to track issues over time and sprints (at group level)
  • Milestones: Use milestones to track issues and merge requests to achieve a goal or release (at group or project level)
  • Issues: Use issues to track and collaborate on work activities and assign issues to individuals or multiple team members
  • Sub-task or Task List: Add sub-tasks to ensure all the steps for an issue are completed
  • Issue Ranking: Drag and drop issues to rank them in priority order
  • Points and Estimation: Indicate the size or effort to complete an issue by adding a weight
  • Labels: Use labels to sort and group issues and epics
  • Templates: Issue and merge request templates allow teams to easily create new issues and requests with the same description or sub-tasks
  • Service Desk: Customers can email you bug reports, feature requests, or general feedback and correspond with your team
  • Reports: Sprint status reports, burn down charts, and burn up charts

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