Undergraduate Symposium (UGS) & Large Group Poster Submissions - Poster Printing

Instructions on submitting a poster for the Undergraduate Symposium or for other Large Group Poster Submissions. To receive a free print for UGS or a class which has directed you to this page, you MUST follow these instructions.

Note: These instructions are for registrants of the Undergraduate Symposium (UGS) or for groups whose instructors have worked with College Library to handle payment and directed them to this page. All other large format printing users should refer to Patrons - Poster Printing.

Video Instructions: linked here.

Large Group Poster Submissions MUST follow these instructions. Do NOT Create a new order from scratch, or it will not be covered.

  1. Create a poster with dimensions as specified by your instructor or the program you are printing for. For UGS, this will be 43"x 36"

    1. If you have not already created your poster, you can download one of our templates here:  

      1. Undergraduate Symposium (UGS) Template (43"x36")

      2. 48"x36" Poster Template
    2. For more information, click here

  2. Export your poster as a TIFF File. For more information, click here

  3. Open your poster in Photoshop (Note: All InfoLabs Desktops have Photoshop access)

  4. Check your print’s quality:

    1. Zoom in to 100%

    2. Move around on the poster looking for distortion, blurriness, or pixelation of images and text

    3. If there are any issues, see the troubleshooting section here

  5. Check the size of your print:

    1. Click "Image"

    2. Click "Image Size"

    3. Your Poster MUST match what your program administrators have set. For UGS, this will be 43" x 36".

  6. Go to poster.library.wisc.edu

  7. Click “Sign in to your library account”

  8. Click “NetID Sign in”

  9. Sign in with your NetID and password

  10. Click "Complete Your Prepaid Order"

  11. Click into the order there: if there is more than one, it will be the poster with no image, status "Started", location "College Library", Quantity 1, and Paper Type "Satin". It will also have a green "PREPAID" indicator

  12. To Upload via File:

    1. Click “Choose File”

    2. Select the file you would like to print

    3. Click “Open”

  13. To Upload via URL:

    1. Select “URL”

    2. Paste the Share URL into the box

  14. Click “Next”

  15. The Width, Height, Quantity and Paper Type will not be editable

  16. Click “Next”

  17. Look over the “Order Details” page for accuracy

  18. If you have any issues, email ltghelpdesk@library.wisc.edu for assistance

  19. If everything looks good, click “Finalize Order”

You will receive an email confirming the submission of your poster. Please keep an eye out for any follow-up emails that may come if there are any issues with your poster. 

You will also receive an email when the poster is ready to be picked up. When you arrive at College Library's Second Floor service desk, please inform the staff that you are picking up a poster for a prepaid order.

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