SAC Custodial Duties Morning Run-Through

For when you are opening, here is a run through of your custodial duties.

Custodial Duties: Morning Run-Through

Arrive by 8 am.

  • Custodial Staff:

    • First things first: If you finish your duties before 9:30 a.m., find and talk to Jodi to see what else she can have you do. There is also a document on the drive for weekly and monthly projects you can do. 

    • At 8am: fill a bucket of disinfectant with 2 rags, grab the Monitor spray bottle along with a dry rag, and a vacuum from 4th floor Custodial Closet. 

      • Beginning in the computer lab: wipe down all computer monitors, keyboards and mouse.

        • SPRAY the monitor solution ONTO THE DRY RAG, NOT DIRECTLY ON THE MONITORS (it leaves streaks).

      • Follow with wiping down all of the table surfaces with the rags that were in the bucket of disinfectant.

      • Finish the computer lab by vacuuming the entire carpet (remember behind and under the vents)

    • Wipe down the tables by the Study Steps and couches

      • Follow by vacuuming the same area including each Study Step and cement platform at the bottom.

    • At this point you can bring the monitor spray and dry rag back into the custodial closet.

    • Proceed to go around the entire 4th and 3rd North and South hallways and wipe down each table.

      • Move tables to allow access for the Riding Vac to cover over dirtier areas.

Arrive by 9 am.

  • Desk Staff:

    • Fill the bucket with disinfectant and 2 rags along with a vacuum from the 3rd floor Custodial Closet. 

      • Clean desk and study area by the desk first. 

        • Wipe down all tables first and then vacuum over the entire area after.

      • Move to the Sunroom and follow the same routine.

        • In the Sunroom be sure to wipe down the counter, microwave, and sink.

          • Be sure to wash the microwave plate. 

            • There is soap and a sponge underneath the sink.

          • Spray the sink with the vinegar solution that can be found underneath. Rinse it all off after cleaning the whole counter/microwave.

    • Once finished, go back to the desk and begin daily morning desk duties (check email, voicemail, etc.)

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