SAC Staff Expectations

Staff Expectations


SAC Staff Expectations

Schedules and trading

Semester schedules will be set at the beginning of each semester (or summer). Once you are scheduled for a shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you will be unable to work that shift. If you have a meeting or study group during your shift, it is not appropriate to attend while you are scheduled and being paid (even if it is in the SAC) so you will need to find someone to fill in for you.

Shift changes need to be sent to, and approved by, Caelie. Once you have found a replacement you will need to email Caelie ( the date, shift and person taking the shift. Please also copy the person covering your shift and Amy. If these steps are not followed, you are still responsible for the shift.  The schedule on When To Work is the official calendar.

Send a message in Slack under the trades board.  If someone sends a message trying to find a fill in for their shift, be courteous and respond even if you cannot take it. It is really frustrating when no one responds!


Everyone is entitled to a 15 minute break for every 4 hours worked. This is a paid break, therefore breaks are to be taken at the SAC. It is ok to leave briefly to buy food in the near vicinity such as the Walgreens, Fresh Market, Ian’s and then return right away. When multiple people are working, you will need to coordinate your breaks with your lead/coworker.  Amy will assist with breaks during the day when one person is on.

Meals should not be eaten at the desk- please go to the mailroom/breakroom or a lounge space.  Smaller items such as snacks from the vending area, beverages, popcorn, yogurt, cookies/candy etc... can be consumed at the desk. Subs, Fresh Market hot/cold bar, burritos, microwaved meals should not be.

General Work guidelines

While working, one of your responsibilities is to be observant of your surroundings and aware of people coming into the building, approaching the desk, and proactively helping anyone who looks lost or needs direction. Please act professionally as you are representing the SAC. Be approachable, aware of your posture, no feet on the desk/chairs, shoes on at all times etc… Wear your lanyard and keys.

It is highly recommended that you do not leave your personal items of value(phones, laptops/tablets, wallets etc..) at the desk unsecured when away from the desk. While it isn’t common, thefts have occurred. It is easy for someone to observe staff patterns and wait for you to leave and take your belongings. It just takes a few seconds.

There will be downtime during your shift.  Studying and use of personal laptops/tablets (keep it appropriate), is currently permitted and will continue to be as long as SAC responsibilities are completed and remain the priority while you are working. Computer volume should be kept to a minimum. Headphones are not permitted at the desk. Make sure you are logged in to the SAC computer/email/EMS/Google drive so you can assist our patrons quickly.

Only SAC staff is permitted behind the desk. If you are at the desk but not working, you are expected to assist customers and follow all work expectations.

Visiting with your friends should be kept to a minimum (10 min or less). Hanging out at the desk for your entire shift or studying with you at the desk is not allowed.  

Personal calls need to be made before or after your shift, or during your break time. Please make those calls away from the desk.  Make sure use of cell phones is respectful. Your coworkers and customers should have your attention instead of the texts/messages you are receiving. 

Finally, it is always a better work environment when coworkers are friendly and respectful to each other. Help each other out whenever possible, understand when someone is stressed or having a bad day, but also do your fair share.

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