KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Search and Display Filters on the Existing Users Screen

Those with permissions to the Users tab can add or edit users in your KB group. This document will show how to filter a

Search and Display Filters in the Users Tab

Clicking on the Users tab leads you to the Existing Users: Active Users screen. You may use the 4 filters on the top of the screen to narrow down your search. In the image below, a large red arrow points to the four Search fields. The Display filters , which are circled in red, control what columns are displayed in the results table. You may enable/ disable the Display filters as needed.

Search Filters

The following are descriptions of the four Search filters:

Search Filter Description
FindYou may search for users by NetID, Domain, Name, Email or Subject area.
User status/ rightsThis dropdown filter defaults to Active users and includes; Admin users, All users, Users with Publish rights and Inactive users
User access groupThis dropdown filter defaults to All user access groups and includes No user access groups and will list all your user access groups
LimitThis dropdown filter defaults to 25 entries per page and goes up to 800 entries.
GoOnce you make your filter selection(s), click on the Go button to execute your search

Under the row of Search Filters are a series of checkboxes that hide/ show columns in the table of Users. Check and/or uncheck boxes to modify the table display. The results table will return to their defaults upon exiting the page.

Display Filter Description Displayed by Default?
NetIDUsername for Authentication Y
DomainURL identifying specific institutionY
FirstNameUser First NameY
LastNameUser Last NameY
EmailUser Email AddressN
DocsNumber of Docs Owned by UserN
iKBPermissions to access to Internal KBY
oDocsShow who has permissions to create, edit, and review Drafts and Active Docs owned by the user.Y
gDocsShow who as permissions create, edit, and review Drafts and Active Docs owned by any member of the group.Y
TopicsShow who has permissions to access the Topics TabY
NewsShow who has permissions to access the News TabY
SitePrefShow who permissions to access the SitePref TabY
UsersShow who permissions to access the Users TabY
Asst (Assessment)Show who has permissions to access the Asst (Assessment) TabY
StatsShow who has permissions to access the Stats TabY
PublishShow who has permissions to Publish Y
ID (User ID in the KB Database)View unique User IDs assigned by KB database N
UserAccessGroupsView UserAccessGroups MembershipN
MoreThis button leads to Individual User dataY

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