Using a Monitor as a USB Hub

Explains how to ID and enable a monitor's USB hub functionality (if present).

All Dell monitors purchased by WCER allow you to connect additional USB peripheral devices (like a keyboard, mouse, external drive, etc.) to your computer. This provides the benefits of allowing more USB devices on your computer, as well as freeing up the more convenient USB ports on either your computer or dock.


Which Monitors are USB Hub Capable?

Aside from being a Dell monitor provided by WCER, if you see any USB ports on the back , side, or near the other ports of the monitor, it can be used as a USB hub (with the proper cable connected).

Making the Connections

To use the USB ports on the monitor, you just need to connect a USB Type-A to USB Type-B USB cable from your dock (or computer) to the upstream USB port of the monitor. When you do this, the monitor will activate the other downstream USB ports on the monitor which you can then connect to USB devices to use with your computer.

The image below shows the ports found on a typical Dell monitor.

Monitor ports- back panel

Some monitors may have downstream ports on the side or back of the monitor as well.

USB downstream side ports

The image below shows the ends of a USB Type-A to USB Type-B cable. The USB Type-B end is the squared-up connection and is the input to the monitor. The other end is USB Type-A, and needs to be connected to the dock’s USB port (or directly to the computer if there is no dock).

USB upstream cable

Once you have the upstream cable connected, the monitor is now a USB hub and will activate its USB ports. It will draw its power from the computer connection. Any USB connecting device would work in it, as long as it stays within the power specs.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact WCER Research IT • 608-263-4333


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