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The UW Theme has specific styles in place for the display of hyperlinks. In some cases, links will be underlined. In other cases, they will not. This document outlines where and why hyperlinks may be underlined versus not.

Color rules

  • The link color displays in blue (#0479a8) on light backgrounds
  • The link color displays in white (#fffffff) on dark backgrounds. (see underline requirements below)
  • The link color displays in a darker blue (#035576) on blue-gray backgrounds to meet accessibility standards


  • Links will be underlined when included within a sentence (i.e., within tags like <p>, <li>, <dl>, <dt>). This helps set the link apart from normal text
  • Links will be underlined within bulleted/unordered (<ul>) and numbered/ordered (<ol>) lists. Again, this helps set the link apart from normal text
  • White text links on dark backgrounds have underlines to differentiate the link from the surrounding text

Not underlined

  • Links that are stand alone items in lists or list-like content will not be underlined unless the text is white. These links already stand out sufficiently and therefore, the underline becomes extra noise. (e.g., Group of Links, Posts Lists, Event Lists)
    • Note, however, that bulleted and numbered lists within various elements do get underlined
  • Links styled as a button
  • If a hyperlink is added to a heading, it will not get underlined. This decision was made to improve readability of headings
  • Links inside a table will not be underlined unless they are within a <p> tag

Noteworthy exceptions

Copied/pasted content

It is important to note that content that was copied and pasted into a text area can impact the display of hyperlinks. For example, text that is enclosed in a <div> may not appear as expected as that external code may override the ability for WordPress and the UW Theme to apply a <p> tag around the element.

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