University Committee Meeting Minutes 2023-04-03

Minutes approved 04-10-2023

UC members present: Bernard-Donals, Papp (chair), Tejedo-Herrero, Thibeault

Others: Greg Bump, Michelle Felber, Julie Scharm

Chair Papp called the meeting to order at 1:15 pm.

The minutes for the meeting of March 27, 2023, were approved.

Provost finalists will visit this week. The UC chair election will be held next week. Chair Papp announced that she is moving ahead with consultation on possible changes to scheduling spring break. The proposal is to hold spring break the week of Easter and Passover if they take place the same week between the 8th and 11th weeks or the fourth full week of March if they do not. Secretary Daniels shared that the Department of Extension Faculty is moving forward with plans to drop “faculty” from the department title.

Beth Meyerand, Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff, reported that they are planning to update leadership essentials for new department chairs. They plan to have chairs start with understanding themselves and go from there. They will have a cohort of peers for troubleshooting and dealing with local issues and then start thinking about the role of the department within the school/college. They are also working to develop a series of professional development experiences to help chairs empower people in their departments to have difficult conversations.

The last TOP program offers are out there. This is the last year of the program as it currently exists. HIB working group is meeting and completing much of its charge before the end of the year. They have been working with Megan Dzyuba to incorporate suggestions from OHR.

Arash Bashirullah and Eric Buxton, School of Pharmacy, described the 131 master’s degree program they are seeking dual role waivers for. 90% of the instructors for this program work in industry, and it was launched in fall of 2020. It can be completed in one year and the target audience is 5th year seniors and early-stage professionals. The UC discussed various ways to accommodate the requests and did not agree on any potential solutions. They will continue to discuss this issue at a later date.

Jennifer Mnookin, chancellor, discussed the provost finalists visits and indicated that she would be in favor of continuing chancellor or provost involvement in future searches prior to the finalists being chosen. The Board of Regents met and approved tuition increases for UW-Madison. UW-Madison also provided an update on the real estate strategies with University Research Park.

Investiture week is next week. They are holding a number of events including a celebration for 2nd and 3rd shift employees, a couple of academic events, and the ceremony on Friday followed by a community picnic. She has been working on a set of things the campus could pilot in the area of free speech. 

Papp adjourned the meeting at 3:04.

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