LastPass - Claim your LastPass Families as a Benefit account

UW-Madison provides its LastPass users a complimentary LastPass Families account, which is a personal account that includes five (5) additional licenses that you can grant to anyone – family, friends, anyone you care about – so they can also keep their digital lives as safe as yours.

Each individual that you invite to your LastPass Families account is granted their own personal LastPass account just like yours, where they can securely generate passwords, manage account credentials for sites, and store anything from notes, payment cards, passports, bank accounts, and much more. Additionally, everyone can choose to share items in their vault with others while keeping the rest of their vault completely private.
Note: Only the owner of a LastPass Families account can claim Families as a Benefit. 

Claim your LastPass Families account by logging in to your UW-Madison LastPass account then completing the activation steps.

  1.  Log in to LastPass and access your vault by doing either of the following:
    • While logged in to your UW-Madison LastPass account, click the LastPass icon active LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar, then select Vault or Open My Vault.
    • Go to and log in with your UW-Madison LastPass email address and master password.
  2. Select Account Benefits in the left navigation.
  3. Click Activate LastPass Families for free.
    • Activate Families as a Benefit on Account Benefits pane
  4. Enter the email address of your existing personal LastPass account, then click Let's go.
    • Troubleshooting: If you don't have an existing personal account, create a new personal account to activate LastPass Families:
      • Enter the personal email address that you want to use for LastPass, then click Let's go.
      • Check your inbox for a registration email from LastPass, then click the verification link within the email.
      • Your new personal account is registered, and you can return to your vault to complete the activation process for LastPass Families.
  5. Enter your master password for your personal account, then click Let's go.
    • Activation with email and master password
  6. Click Back to Account Benefits.
    • Result: An email verification has been sent to your personal email address, and your "Families as a benefit" status is listed as Pending.
    • Activation Pending
  7. Check your inbox and click the verification link.
    • Results: You have activated LastPass Families as a Benefit for your LastPass Business account, and your "Families benefit status" is set to Claimed within the Account Benefits pane.
    • Activated but unlinked account

What to do next: If desired, choose from the following options:

  • See Link your LastPass Families as a Benefit account, which will provide instructions on allowing you to access both your personal and company vaults under one login (while keeping both accounts completely separate).
    • Remember: The personal account data stored within your LastPass Families account (including the accounts of your family members) will never be accessible to your UW-Madison LastPass admins.
  • Log out of your LastPass Business account then log in to LastPass with your newly activated LastPass Families account and click Add members now to get started. See Add a family member in LastPass Families for instructions.

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