Review Checklist - DAPIR

Checklist – DAPIR review version


  • Read it top to bottom
  • Look at previous comments
  • Take a look at functional areas (if other, let McKinney know after approving)
  • See if the URL set properly (it should point to production version of workbook)
  • If exclusion checkbox is checked, communicate the consequences to the developer
  • Final QA, make sure that the two restriction fields are filled, if not set, set them
  • Read all comments again before hitting approve
  • Look at the definitions
  • If a workbook has a non-public classification, the Request URL should be set to either an email address or
  • Make sure a descriptive comment as to what is changed is included.


Navigate to workbook using the URL set in cookbook if new, otherwise, look under staging 

Download the workbook if you have access to see data (especially if new)

Take a look at the query behind the workbook if possible

Home page

  • Do Links work on navigation icons, i icon, ? icon, the classification icon, UW-Madison logo and any hyperlink on the page (please see appendix for more information on links)
  • Check the format of navigation panel (please see appendix on specs)
  • Does classification icon match data restriction level specified in cookbook
  • Does footer have proper format and information
  • Proper font for title and description



  • Overall look and feel

Final QA:

  • make sure that the two restriction fields are filled in cookbook, if not set, set them
  • If any comments, make sure to read them and handle the concerns
  • If fixes were requested on first stage, review the fixes again


  • Check color contrast
  • Check that all images have alternative text


Navigation panel (home page)

What’s Inside - Title

  • Vertical container, shaded color #c5050c, second thickest solid border color #c5050c
  • What’s Inside title 18pt Tableau Regular font, white
  • Left aligned directly under workbook title, fixed height, w387

What’s Inside - Dashboard Navigation

  • Vertical container containing 11 additional containers. Each of the 11 containers contains a navigation button and navigation text.
  • Second thickest solid border color #c5050c

Navigation buttons:

  • Red arrow buttons in container navigate to the corresponding dashboard
  • w39, h39; Outer padding 6
  • Hover text is “Click to go to this page”
  • (Note: Arrows may seem disproportionately smaller in Tableau Desktop but they do appear normally when viewed in the Tableau server.)

Navigation text:

  • Dashboard name worksheets in order from top to bottom of container, fit to width
  • Dashboard names 15pt, font color #333333
  • w348, h39; Outer padding 4
  • Technical Notes text is 2nd to bottom
  • Tips on Using Tableau is final/bottom in the container


Navigation icons:

Should navigate properly to referencing page

Technical notes (i) icon

This should navigate to corresponding information page on RADAR. The id on this link should match the same id in cookbook link (the first solo 5 digits number that appears in the link)

Tips on using Tableau (?) icon

Should navigate to the Tableau quick reference guide:

Data classification icons:

Internal data

Public data

Restricted data

Sensitive data

UW-Madison log:

Should navigate to:


General considerations

Filters should be located on the left side of dashboards that are landscape and on the top of dashboards that are portrait.

The width of the filters’ container (on landscape visualizations), or height of the filters’ container (on portrait visualizations) may be reduced where filter names allow, but must be the same across all dashboards of a single workbook.

Group multiple filters together in a layout container.

All filters/Parameters/Instructions/Legends/Any other text in filter panel, needs a border with the following format:

Use #b4b4b4 color second thinnest solid border around layout container.

Structure from top to bottom in landscape, left to right in portrait, for example, school/college, department, course, etc.


If a legend applies to all views, place in layout container with filters.

If a legend applies to one view, place as close to view as possible.


Fill layout container with 33% #b4b4b4color.

Select “only relevant values.”


Do not fill background color.

Do not select “only relevant values.”

Information and Help Icons

Horizontal container, top right corner, w98 h54

Information Icon

  • Black filled circle with white “i”
  • w45 h54, fixed width
  • Fit entire view
  • Links to Cookbook technical notes about the visualization and underlying data

Help Icon

  • Black filled circle with white “?”
  • w45 h54, fixed width
  • Fit entire view
  • Links to PDF with basic instructions on using a Tableau visualization, available at

 Acceptable School/College names


Acceptable School/College names


DIVISION_DESCR (30 character)


All Spelled out

Spelled out but no School/College/Division/Institute


Col of Agricultural & Life Sci


College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Agricultural & Life Sciences


Officer Education

Officer Ed

Officer Education

Officer Education


School of Business


School of Business



Division of Continuing Studies

Contg St

Division of Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies


School of Education


School of Education



College of Engineering


College of Engineering



School of Human Ecology

Hum Ecol

School of Human Ecology

Human Ecology


Institute for Environmental St

Envir St

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies


College of Letters and Science


College of Letters and Science

Letters and Science


Law School

Law School

Law School



School of Med & Public Health

Med School

School of Medicine and Public Health

Medicine and Public Health


School of Nursing

Nur School

School of Nursing



School of Pharmacy


School of Pharmacy



Research & Graduate Education

ResGrad Ed

Research and Graduate Education

Research and Graduate Education


School of Veterinary Medicine

Vet Med

School of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine




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