Canvas - Assigning to Individual Student and reassigning to Everyone Else [UW-Madison]

This document explains how to add an assignment availability or due date for an individual student. If also explains how to reassign to everyone else in the class if they were unassigned.


How do I assign an assignment to an individual student?

If you would like to change the availability or due date for an individual student, or students, please follow How do I assign an assignment to an individual student? from Canvas community. 

How do I restore student submissions/grades if I unassigned an assignment?

When giving students an extension on a quiz or assignment, it’s possible for an instructor to unassign from the rest of the class. However, you can typically recover these students’ submissions by reassigning the grade item to everyone else. Please see the next section, How do I reassign an assignment to Everyone Else? for more details.

How do I reassign an assignment to Everyone Else?

When creating or editing an assignment, you can assign an assignment to individual students, and set different due and availability dates for individual students while it is assigned to the rest of the class. Only the student(s) specified in the assignment details can view the assignment. 

  1. Open Assignments
    Image shows Canvas course sidebar with "assignments" button highlighted

  2. Locate the assignment you need to edit, and open it.

  3. Select the edit button
    Image shows assignment page open, with "Edit" button highlighted

  4. When you assignment details page opens, scroll down to the field Assign. 

  5. If you already have assigned this and need to add another due date, select +Add
    Image shows field in assignment settings labeled "assign". The "+Add" button is highlighted.

  6. If you previously assigned this to everyone in the class and need to recover grades, type Everyone into the Assign To field. This will let you assign it to Everyone Else.
    Same field from previous image is shown, but with a second assignment group open, and assigned to "Everyone"

  7. Select Due, Available From, and Until, Dates for each group to which this is assigned.
    Same page as previous two images is depicted, but with populated assignment due dates, and the "Save" button highlighted.

  8. Select the Save Button.

  9. Navigate to Gradebook

  10. Find the assignment in Gradebook. The grades should be available once again.

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