WiscWeb - Tightly spaced lists

Users may wish to display a list that has less white space between rows of text. This option allows for a tightened view for both bulleted and numbered lists.


  1. Click on the list icon in the WYSIWYG editor of a Text Block

    A text editor displaying a new blue button for creating tightened lists.

  2. Choose if you want a bulleted or numbered list

    A modal window displaying a dropdown option for choosing list style.

  3. Enter your first list item
  4. Click the Insert button
  5. Press your keyboard’s
  6. Enter/Return button to continue adding items to the list

Editor view

A text editor depicting a tightened list view.

Before/after example

Two columns of data. The left column shows a list view with a taller amount of spacing between rows. The second shows a more tightened list view with shorter spacing between rows.


  • This feature automatically applies the class uw-list-tight to the unordered list (ul) or ordered list (ol) that you are creating. If your list does not look as expected, ensure that the class is properly added to the outermost ul or ol on your list by viewing the “Text” tab of the editor.

    A text editor depicting the source code that relates to the tightened list view.

  • Please note that bulleted lists are not intended for headings (h1, h2, h3). This will only work for paragraph text (<p>)

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