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This document outlines when to use the Academic Actions & Transfer online form.


The Academic Actions & Transfer online form is to be used by the Deans/Reps to enter requests such as the following for the Student Records department of the Office of the Registrar to process:

  • Transfers
  • Addition/Deletion of credit with Transfers
  • Probation Status Changes
  • Academic Actions/Transcript Text
  • Awarding retroactive language credit
  • Permission to enroll part-time (Engineering students)

Additionally, any request that does not have a dedicated form/space in SIS can generally be placed using the Academic Action/Transfer form by entering the request into the “Action Text” field.

Note: Limited offices have access to this.

Table of Contents

Data Entry

Navigation Path: Student Records WorkCenter | Dean/Dept Processing | tab > Academic Action/Transfers or NavBar > Navigator: > Records and Enrollment > Dean/Dept Processing > Academic Actions/Transfers

There are two areas on this page where data can be entered:

The Process Tracking section of the page is only for Registrar's Office staff.

At the top of the "Academic Actions and Transfers" page, you will see two links:

The Academic Actions and Transfers page.

  • Printable Report: A one-page summary of the data that is entered and saved on the form. This report may be used at the discretion of the school/college/department. The printable report will reflect any modifications to data made by the Registrar’s Office staff. It is the most up-to-date report of the request and may differ from the original request.
  • Original Request: The preserved information originally submitted by the dean/rep; it acts as an audit trail. It was designed for historical purposes.

Student Information

At the top of the page, you can view the most current student information residing in SIS.

The Student Information page.

Transfer Information

Note: This page should only be used for transfer actions that are not able to be entered using "Major/Certificate Requests" or "Update Academic Program."

Transfer Information screen.

If requesting an Add, Discontinue, or Transfer:

  1. Select the button next to the appropriate choice: "Add," "Discontinue," or "Transfer."
    • Note: If you are only entering information in the "Academic Action" area, be sure to keep the "Add," "Discontinue," Transfer," and "Grad Degree Level" buttons deselected.
  2. Enter the Effective Term.
  3. Enter a Program and/or Plan/Option.
  4. If an advisor needs to be assigned, enter the full advisor name in Academic Action’s "Action Text" field.

If updating Probation Status:

  • Select the button next to the appropriate probation status (Readmit…, May Continue…), or
  • If the correct Probation Status is not listed, type the status in Academic Action’s "Action Text" field.

If allowing a part-time Engineering student:

  • Check the "Part Time" check box.

Academic Action

Academic Action page.

Requesting an Academic Action

Note: If you are only entering information in the "Academic Action" area, be sure to keep the "Add," "Discontinue," Transfer," and "Grad Degree Level" buttons deselected.

To request an Academic Action:

  1. If an Action Code exists, select or type the applicable code in the "Action Code" field; otherwise, leave it blank.
  2. Use the "Action Text" field to enter information about your action.


  • Action Text automatically word wraps.
  • The "Action Text" box size matches the display on the un/official transcript; therefore, what you see is what you get.
  • If you want to date the action differently than the current date, enter that date in the Action Text (e.g. Effective xx/xx/xx, may continue...).

Requesting Credit Changes

To award retroactive credit:

  1. If an applicable Action Code exists, select or type it in the "Action Code" field; otherwise, leave the field blank.
  2. Use the "Action Text" field to indicate the number of credits to be awarded, the course completed, and the appropriate term (e.g. “Award eight retroactive language credits for completion of Spanish 203 in Fall 2016.”).

To allow credits outside the offered range:

  1. Enter cc900 in "Action Code *."
  2. In the "Action Text" field, provide the department name, three-digit subject code, course number, number of credits, and the term. Please include the five-digit class number if available (e.g. “Allow student to enroll for” COMP SCI (266) 699, 4 credits, Fall 2010,12345).

Once you're done filling out the form, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: Once you have saved and left that student’s page, you will NOT be able to edit what you have entered!

Process Tracking

Note: Only Office of the Registrar staff can update this section.

As a dean/rep, you may find it useful to check this section regularly to track the progress of the request. It may take three to five business days to process your request.

Once your request is completed, you will see a date associated with the completion of the task:

Process Tracking page.

  • Accepted/Declined/Modified: Should the RO staff need to modify an original dean’s action, they will indicate that the action has been modified. Only on rare occasions is an action declined. Additional notes may be added to the “Action Text” field by RO staff if changes are made or if an action is declined.
  • Checkboxes/Dates: As the RO staff makes the requested modifications in SIS, a checkbox is marked at each step to indicate completion and the date will be displayed. Some Action/Transfer requests require multiple steps, and these tasks are completed by different staff members at different points in time.
  • The SIS ID and name of the person who made the original request are captured as well as the date and time the request was made.

Adding an Action Request for a Student

  1. In SIS, select from your NavBar > Navigator: > Records and Enrollment > Dean/Dept Processing > Academic Actions/Transfers, or from the Student Records WorkCenter: |Dean/Dept Processing| tab > Academic Actions/Transfers.
  2. Use the "Find" page to locate the student record.
  3. Depending on the student’s record, follow the proper steps below:
    1. If the "Transfer Information" or the "Academic Actions" area has existing information:
      1. Click the plus button icon "Add" button resembling a + (plus) icon.

        The Transfer Information screen. A red circle surrounds the "plus" icon.

      2. Follow the "Is Blank" procedure below.
    2. If the "Transfer Information" or the "Academic Actions" area is blank:
      1. Complete the fields as advised in the Transfer Information and Academic Action sections above.
  4. Select "Save." The actions are saved to the student’s record.

Tip: To enter a request for a different student, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Return to Search" button and search for a different student.

Helpful How-Tos

Designating a Term:

When designating a term for a term-specific action, use the name of the term and the year. Use Spring 2008, for example, rather than 1084, as these term codes can be confusing to students.


  • “May pursue second degree in Nursing for Fall 2007.”
  • “May not receive credit for Physiol 335, 5 cr, Spring 2008.”

Multiple Actions for a Single Student:

You can enter multiple actions for a student at one time. You may enter all of the actions into the single "Action Text" box. You do not need to add additional rows if you are doing the actions all at the same time.

If you need to add an action at another time, you will need to add an additional row.

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