New Employee IT Checklist

This document outlines steps for new Biochemistry employees to take to activate and configure information technology services.

Quick Checklist Reference

Activate Your UW-Madison NetID

Your NetID is how you access all UW-Madison services including Wisc email, Microsoft 365 apps, employee benefits, time reporting, and much more.

Activate Your NetID 

For additional help with activating your NetID, see NetID - Activating Your Account.

Additional required steps

Note: After activating your NetID, there may be some delay before services become available to you (e.g. Wisc email, Microsoft 365 apps, etc). Please allow up to 24 hours for your services to activate. If you cannot access services after 24 hours, please create a Job Board Ticket (see Get Help from Biochemistry IT!).

Register Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) DUO Devices

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires users to provide multiple forms of identification, such as a password and entering a unique code  or approving a push notification on their mobile device, to gain access to their NetID account. It significantly enhances the security of accounts by adding an extra layer of verification, making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access, even if the password is compromised.

UW-Madison uses DUO for multi-factor authentication. It is required for all employees to set up DUO in order to use their NetIDs.

Register Your DUO Device  

General DUO Recommendations

  • We recommend using a smartphone as your primary DUO device. This requires installing the DUO Mobile app.
  • Make sure you know the answers to your NetID Security Questions in the event you need to request a backup DUO passcode. (See NetID - Changing Account Recovery Questions)
  • If you do not have a smartphone or don't frequently carry one with you, you can request a DUO key fob to generate passcodes instead of using a smartphone. 
    Note: If you do not use the key fob at least once per month, it will likely be out of sync with your account and need to be re-synchronized. If you don't plan to use your key fob frequently, we recommend using a smartphone as your primary DUO device.
  • Have a backup device if possible (i.e. tablet) to make recovering your DUO account easier.

Verify Access to Software and Services

To help proactively detect and resolve licensing issues, we recommend logging into the following services to ensure you have access. We recommend logging in on the desktop apps if available.

Additional software available to you

Download additional software on your departmental machine on-demand via the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. The app offers a selection of pre-approved software that can be downloaded without administrator credentials.

For additional software available to you from the Biochemistry department, see Software Available to the Biochemistry Department.

To see additional software available to you from UW-Madison, visit the Campus Software Library.

Connect to the Biochemistry VPN

The Biochemistry VPN is required to access certain services while not physically present within the Biochemistry buildings. Services including Shared Drive and ResearchDrive require a connection to the Biochemistry network to access them. This means you will need to be able to connect if you plan to work from home.

The GlobalProtect VPN client is automatically installed on department-issued laptops. To connect to the Biochemistry VPN, see VPN - Connecting to the Biochemistry VPN. If the client is not installed on your departmental laptop, Get Help from Biochemistry IT!

Troubleshooting Tip: When you first use the GlobalProtect client on a departmental laptop, you may see it continuously Connecting.... If you see this prompt, click the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window and select a portal address (e.g. It should no longer say Connecting... after selecting an address.

To download the GlobalProtect VPN client on a personal machine, see WiscVPN - How to Install, Connect, Uninstall, and Disconnect WiscVPN Palo Alto GlobalProtect.

Mount the Biochemistry Shared Drive or ResearchDrive

Important Note: You must be connected to Eduroam or the wired network in the Biochemistry buildings or the Biochemistry VPN to access the Shared Drive or a ResearchDrive.

The Biochemistry Shared Drive is a service offered internally within the Biochemistry department. The drive can be accessed within the Biochemistry buildings (when connected to Eduroam) or from anywhere with the Biochemistry VPN. If you cannot access your group/department's share, please submit a Job Board Ticket (see Get Help from Biochemistry IT!).

Biochemistry Shared Drive Connection Instructions

ResearchDrive is a service offered by UW-Madison's Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and is used primarily to store research data. Biochemistry IT grants access to a lab's ResearchDrive share when approved by the lab's PI. If you cannot access your lab's ResearchDrive, please ask your PI to submit a Job Board Ticket requesting access on your behalf.

UW ResearchDrive Connection Instructions 

Connect to Printers

The printer(s) you use will depend on where you are located. Printers are almost exclusively used over wifi connection, and they can be added to your machine via IP.

The IP address for a printer can often be found printed on a sticker on the printer itself. Otherwise, it may be displayed on the printer's screen. If you need help finding the IP address for a network printer, Get Help from Biochemistry IT!

If you have a printer in a private office, there is a chance it will use a USB wired connection. Check for a long USB cable to connect directly to your computer, your dock, or your USB-C hub monitor.

If you need administrator credentials while installing a printer or its drivers, Get Help from Biochemistry IT!

Request Additional Hardware

Biochemistry IT can assist with providing or ordering additional hardware needed for work. Examples of additional hardware include...

  • Additional monitor(s)
  • Webcam
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headset

To request any additional hardware, please submit a Job Board Ticket (see Get Help from Biochemistry IT!)

Requesting Additional Help from Biochemistry IT

Biochemistry IT uses a ticketing system, the Job Board, to handle and document IT support requests. If you encounter an issue with your computer, need software installed, need to order additional equipment, etc, please open a ticket with Biochemistry IT.

Get Help from Biochem IT! 

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