Canvas - Exporting Content from a Canvas Course [UW-Madison]

This document describes how to download course contents as a .imscc file, which can be imported in future semesters, or in other instances of Canvas.


Exporting Course Contents

  1. Navigate to the Canvas course you’d like to export
    Canvas dashboard with course tile outlined in orange
  2. Open Settings
    Canvas course sidebar with Settings highlighted in orange

  3. Select Export Course Content on the opposite side of the page.
    Opposite sidebar shown on course Settings page, with Export Course Content selected
  4. On the next page, select Quiz or Course, depending on what you’d like to export. Then, select Create Export.
    Course exports page shown, with create export button highlighted
  5. The export will begin, and you will receive an email notification when it has finished.
  6. When the export completes, return to the Content Export page. You can quickly return to the page by selecting the Click to view Exports link in the notification email.
    Note: If you still have the export page open, refresh the page.
  7. Your course export is listed as a URL. Click the URL to download the course export .imscc file. 
    Course export page shown with several exports available

Importing an .imscc File

To import your course export file into another Canvas course, see How do I import a Canvas course export package? from Instructure. If you’d like to directly copy contents from another UW-Madison Canvas course, see Canvas - Importing Content from another Canvas Course [UW-Madison].

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