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This document summarizes the accessibility and usability barriers identified during testing as well as how to get help. PageUp is an HR hiring software used for the UW-Madison Student Jobs Center. PageUp includes the Student Jobs Center job listings and application process for students, as well as the administrative experience for employers hiring for student positions.

Get help

Contact the Student Employment Admin team with questions about the Student Jobs Center at

Additional resources

For more information regarding PageUp and the Student Jobs Center, see the UW-Madison Student Jobs Platform KB.

Accessibility & usability barriers 

The following information is provided to help people with disabilities know what potential barriers may exist.

Magnification barriers create difficulties perceiving information for some users, such as people with low vision.

At and above 175% magnification, the logo in the header is cut off.

Significant barriers for individuals using screen readers to enhance accessibility, such as people with low vision and blindness.

Several elements are not labeled correctly or clearly.  Dropdown menus are described to the screen reader user as tables, and not all checkboxes are labeled.  Some required fields are not programmatic and tables do not follow standards. Throughout, outputs for alerts and status changes are missing for screen reader users.  

Keyboard navigation barriers limit accessibility to all web features for some users, such as people with motor disabilities.

Several features and buttons, like the filter button and navigation menu, are inaccessible via keyboard navigation. Additionally, focus moves unpredictably after the user selects a filter.       


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