Smartsheet; Interoperability Initiative Status Dashboard Accessibility and Usability Information KB

This document summarizes the accessibility and usability barriers identified during testing the Interoperability Initiative Status Dashboard (Smartsheet), as well as how to report barriers and get help.

Get help

Contact the DoIT Help Desk for general assistance or to report an accessibility or usability barrier.

Accessibility & usability barriers 

The following information is provided to help people with disabilities know what potential barriers may exist.

Keyboard navigation may be difficult or impossible for people with visual and motor disabilities

Focus does not appear to start at the top of the page.  It is difficult to say where it starts since there are no focus indicators throughout the landing page.  It does not appear that all clickable elements are keyboard accessible.  

Screen reader navigation may be difficult for people with visual disabilities

Initial keyboard focus does not consistently start at the top of the page, and focus order is unpredictable as it moves up and down the page, sometimes separating headings from the content directly associated with it. Inconsistent formatting of HTML elements like tables and lists create an inconsistent user experience. Data in the embedded Smartsheet table is difficult to navigate.

Magnification barriers may be difficult for people with low vision

At all magnification levels, horizontal scrolling and competing page and chart scrolling makes it difficult to scroll through charts. Elements on the page become pixelated and crash into one another at and above 175% magnification.

Low color contrast may create accessibility barriers for users with low vision and color blindness

Text throughout the landing page is small and lacks strong color contrast.

Duplicate of 130433, dashboard no longer in use, marking as inactive

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