CHM HR - Mandatory Training

This page includes the mandatory trainings for new employees as well as employees who need to complete a training for compliance.

Onboarding employees (excluding undergraduates) should follow this checklist when completing Mandatory Training for the Center for Healthy Minds
CHM Mandatory Training 

Directions for Completing the Checklist

  • Click the DocuSign link above to navigate to the CHM Mandatory Training PowerForm
  • Enter your first and last name & work email address
    • You do not need a DocuSign account to fill out this form 
  • Complete the form 
    • If you need to finish the form at a later date, please click the Finish Later button. This will save your progress and you will receive an email with a link to your unfinished form to complete at a later date
  • When finished, click Submit 
    • HR (Lisa Wesley - will automatically be notified that you have completed the form

You MUST successfully complete both the CITI-HS and HIPAA training BEFORE working with human subjects in the labs, and before you can be listed on an IRB protocol.

Mandatory Trainings


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CITI-HS (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative - Human Subjects) tutorial

The CITI-HS tutorial must be completed before you can do any work in the lab(s). It will need to be renewed every three (3) years and takes about 3-6 hours to complete.

Go to the instructions page below and follow the "COMPLETION INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIRST TIME USERS"

CITI Human Subjects Protections (HSP) Training Instructions 

  • You will need to take the "UW Human Subjects Protections Course"
  • Note: at a minimum, you must score 85% combined across all of the required modules to pass a course. You will be allowed to re-take the modules until your combined score across all modules is 85% or better. After you have completed all of the modules, and have a combined score above 85%, you can print/save the "Course Completion Report" for that course. Take a screenshot of the completion page and email it to your supervisor. 


Enroll in HIPAA training with your UW NetID: HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

Please complete within 5 working days of your start date. You will also need to take an annual refresher each year.

The training will take 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW-Madison

Register for "Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW-Madison" training.

  • This training is required within the first 30 days of your employment at the Center for Healthy Minds. 
  • This training takes roughly one hour to complete. You will be asked to complete a refresher training every four (4) years. This is not an annual training. 
  • You will be notified by the Office of Compliance or your local human resources representative when you are required to renew your training.

"Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW-Madison" is an online training module that gives you clear information about:

  • The University's definitions of sexual harassment and sexual violence, including scenarios to highlight how these behaviors can happen in different settings 
  • Strategies that UW-Madison uses to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence
  • Bystander intervention strategies to use when you see these behaviors on campus 
  • Ways you can support someone who experiences sexual harassment or sexual violence 
  • Confidential resources that UW-Madison employees can use on campus and in the Madison community 
  • Available options for reporting sexual harassment and sexual violence 
  • UW-Madison's policies and procedures for responding to sexual harassment and sexual violence reports

Employees without access to a computer as part of their daily work responsibilities and our English language learners will be offered alternate training opportunities on this important topic.

Completing this training meets our compliance obligations under Board of Regents Policy 14-2. More importantly, it moves us forward in achieving a campus free from sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

Mandated Reporter Training

Note: there is no training assessment associated with this topic, please make sure you read over the content below 

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect:

  • Wisconsin Executive Order #54 requires UW employees to immediately make a report of child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services (CPS) or law enforcement if, in the course of employment, the employee observes:
    • An incident or threat of child abuse or neglect - OR - 
    • Learns of an incident or threat of child abuse or neglect - AND - 
    • The employee has reasonable cause to believe that child abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur. 

Reporting Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment:

  • Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 36.11(22) - requires "any person employed at [UW-Madison] who witnesses a sexual assault on campus or receives a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted shall report to the Dean of Students"
    • For UW-Madison to comply with this state law, we need the cooperation of all University employees. We rely on reports from employees, students, and other members of the University community to support victims and meet our legal obligations 
    • The UW-Madison Dean of Students Office takes sexual assault reports seriously and will investigate. Information may also be reported in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.
  • Information about the Wisconsin statute defining sexual assault is available online here
  • Reporting Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment 
    • Campus Resources 
    • You may file a report electronically here
    • If you are unable to report electronically, call UW's Title IX program to report over the phone: (608) 265-6018
    • Students who experience, witness, or receive a first-hand report of sexual assault are strongly encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office, which has been designated to receive reports from students or about student victims/perpetrators and will assist them in any way possible

Additional Resources:

Cybersecurity Awareness

Required Adherence to Acceptable Use Policy and Cybersecurity Awareness Training

All new employees must read and abide by the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy upon hire.

All employees must complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training annually to qualify for pay increases or any type of bonus.

Information and training options can be found on the Cybersecurity Awareness Training website.  

  • This is an annual training and the course takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.
  • Training is tracked on a rolling 365 day basis by the Office of Cybersecurity and email reminders will come directly from them.
  • The training is a requirement of UW System Administration Policy 103 

Additional Trainings 

Additional study-specific training will be determined by your supervisor if needed.

Your supervisor will let you know if you will need to complete the additional trainings below.

  • MRI Safety - Needed if you will be working with the MRI scanner. See detailed instructions below.
  • Biosafety and Bloodborne-Pathogens - Needed if you are working with data for which a biosafety protocol applies/working with bloodborne pathogens.

MRI Safety

Confirm with your supervisor that the study you are working with utilizes the Waisman Brain Imaging facilities. If so, please check with your supervisor to find what access and trainings listed below need to be done.

For supervisors: If you are hiring several employees or undergraduates, please coordinate a few times the entire group can come out to Waisman together for training. This time must align with free time in the MRI. Email Michael Anderle ( to schedule the visit.

Potential access and trainings:

  • Facility keys 
  • network access
  • MRI / Simulator Calendar access
  • Screening training (only needed if employee/undergrad will be screening subjects)
  • Safety training 

Before your Waisman visit, please watch the below video, and sign the google doc after:

Biosafety and Bloodborne-Pathogens

Biosafety training is required for all members of a study with a biosafety protocol (unless these individuals will not ever be working with data for which the protocol applies). Bloodborne-pathogen training is required for researchers working with potentially infectious human materials

  • Instructions for completing both trainings are here: Biological Safety Training
  • Biosafety training must be renewed every 5 years.
  • Bloodborne-pathogen training must be renewed every year.

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