LCS - Naming Conventions for Applications

Applications will need to follow a naming convention in order for the application to work with UW's Identity Management as well as to allow the Low Code Solutions service team and others provide support, oversight and unique identification.


    There are 3 different pieces of information for every application: 

    1. Application name
      1.  Application name is what developers will see in the BB IDE platform (example: Test app for JMH) 
        1.  The URL for the developer/others on the IDE platform for a Sandbox below see the URL:  
      2. Application names have a 100 character limit. Ampersand (&), <, >, are converted, so shouldn’t be used. screenshot of an application in the Betty Blocks platform 
    2. Identifier
      1. The identifier is the unique part of an application’s URL that is used to reach your application.  
      2. The Identifier must be unique across ALL BB applications (not just within the UW tenant) 
      3. Identifiers have a 31-character limit and underscores or spaces in names will turn into hyphens in the identifier. Screenshot of application name that is longer than 31 characters with identifier warning 
      4. The user must truncate the application name at the 31-character limit to proceed.  screenshot of the identifier ending at 31 characters
    3. Hostname
      1. These are the URLs that the end users will use to gain access to your application. 
      2. The URL provided to the application users should be the Default or Custom hostname with your homepage's path appropriately set-up.

    Procedure for naming

    1. Application name
      1.  Create a name that describes what the application does (UW-prefix or SCD-prefix not needed). The LCS service team will ask you what you want to name your application when it is created.
    2. Identifier 
      1. The LCS service team will truncate your application name and add the following to make it unique.
      2. Change the Identifier to be: (26 chars+”-”+4 char alpha-sequential number) 
        1. 26 characters of the application name
        2. Followed by a "-"
        3. Followed by an "a"
        4. Followed by a sequential number starting with 001, using leading zeros
    3. Hostname
      1. Follow LCS - Add a custom hostname in Betty Blocks to create your own URL or else the URL will be the identifier ending with as seen in the screenshot above.
      2. The URL provided to the application users should be:
        1. Default or Custom hostname
        2. As long as the "homepage" of your application has "/" for the path, the default or custom hostname URL can be provided to your end users. Those who need to login will automatically be sent to the login screen and then come to the homepage, others already logged in will end up on the homepage. 
          screenshot of page settings of the homepage with / as the path

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