Canvas - Discussion Posts Will Not Load

This document explains an issue where discussion posts cannot load because of HTML code pasted into the discussion prompt.

If a Canvas Discussion isn’t loading, or is causing an error, check the HTML code in your discussion prompt. There may be unnecessary HTML code added to your post that can be removed. One reason this might happen is if you paste text from another source into your discussion prompt. Here is how you can remove the HTML:

  1. Open your discussion post and select edit.
    Discussion prompt page, with the "edit" button highlighted

  2. Once the Rich Content Editor opens, select the Code View button
    The "code view" button is highlighted

  3. Copy only the text with in the tags “<p>” and “</p>”. 

    Text window shown with only text between "<p>" tags highlighted

  4. Highlight the text in the code view window and delete it (to remove the HTML tags).

    All text in the window is highlighted, and will be deleted

  5. Paste the text you copied earlier into the code view window. Your text should now be surrounded only by "<p>" and "</p>".
    Code view window shown after pasting text copied in step 3

  6. Select Save at the bottom of the page
    Save button is highlighted

  7. Your discussion page should now load properly.

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