How to Copy HTML to Canvas Pages

Step by step on how to copy HTML from the Canvas template page to copy and edit for new pages

Log in to Canvas Template course

1. Enroll yourself into the Canvas template course:

2. If you have already enrolled, you can also find the course page from your Canvas Dashboard:

Locate Pages in the left hand course navigation

1. You will see Pages listed in the left side of the course home page

2. Select Pages, and then select View All Pages on the top of the screen

Pages and View All Pages

3. You will see three pages listed that start with HTML - Home Page, Sub Page, and Weekly Page\

HTML pages listed

Select the template you want, and copy the HTML

1. Click on the name of the page with the HTML you want to copy

2. Once in the page, click Edit in the top right Corner

Edit Page button

3. Right click in the page, and choose "Select All"

4. Once all text is selected, Copy

Create a new page in your course

1. Log in to the Canvas course page where you want to add the HTML to 

2. Select Pages in the left hand navigation, and select View All Pages

3. In the top Right corner, select +Page

Add Page

4. Title the page at the top something that makes sense for your course page

Copy HTML into your new page

1. Select the </> icon on the bottom right of your new page to locate where to add the HTML

Locate HTML icon

2. Paste HTML into the body of the page (while still in HTML mode)

3. Click the red Save button at the bottom of the page

Save button

4. After you save, you should see the new template added to your new page. You can click Edit again in the top right corner to start adding your own content to the page (Save every time you make a change and exit the page, or as freuqently as possible).

Other options

1. You can alternatively copy HTML from any existing page by following the same steps as above - locate the HTML icon, enter the HTML edit mode, right click inside there and select all. Copy that text and then create a new page and copy that HTML into the HTML editor. You can then edit and existing page in edit mode. 

2. If you're copying existing HTML, ensure that you are also updating all of the links on the buttons so that they are going to your new course and new page.


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