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This document outlines how to navigate to and complete specific logs for learners.

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  1. Log into Acuity One45
  2. The Pt/Procedure Log will appear in both the To-Do List and as a menu option in the left blue menu
    Screen Capture

  3. Click on either to enter the log screen. 
  4. In the log screen, all the different logs will be listed in alphabetical order. 
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  5. Click the green Create New Log Entry under the appropriate title to start a new log.
     Screen Capture

FACET Sheets

The FACET sheets serve as a log to record block experience requirements. Submissions into the log will be made within Acuity One45. Multiple submissions can be made into one FACET sheet form. 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate FACET sheet within Pt/Procedure Logs using the directions in "Navigation" above.
  2. Click Create New Log Entry to start record (a) new experience(s) record. 
    Screen Capture

  3. A new screen will appear with selection options to complete the log.
    Screen Capture

  4. First, select the date the experience was completed. 
  5. Then, click the SEARCH button for Checklist Item.
    Screen Capture

  6. A list of the experiences appropriate to the parent course (e.g. AC shown in image below) will open. From this menu, the experience and method of completion (PATIENT or SUBSTITUTE) may be chosen. 
    Screen Capture

  7. Multiple experiences may be chosen from this menu. As more experiences as selected they will be added to a box at the bottom of the menu. 
    Screen Capture

  8. To remove an experience, click the red circle Deletion Icon  to the right of the incorrect experience. 

  9. Once all experiences for the previously specified date have been selected, click the Pick Selected Items button
    Screen Capture

  10. The experience menu will close and the selected experiences will populate in the Checklist Item summary box
    .Screen Capture

  11. To exit the log, click the most appropriate button (further detail on each option below):
    Screen Capture

    1. Submit: This option will submit the experiences, provide a confirmation message, and close the browser tab.
      Screen Capture

    2. Submit and Start New Log: Submits responses, but starts a new log with the same pre-filled screen.
      Screen Capture

    3. Save and Close: Saves current responses and keep log entry available in your logs tab for revision. The incomplete log information will be saved under the appropriate form in the overall log view. To re-enter the incomplete log, click the title.
      Screen Capture

    4. Cancel: Discard responses. Previously saved entries will be untouched. 

Logs Search and Reports

Every log type has options to search submitted logs and run reports. The search and report options are available immediately below the log's Create New Log Entry button.

Screen Capture


The overview report will provide a list of the total amount of experiences (both patient and substitute) and the amount of times the experience(s) have been recorded within the log. 

  1. Click Overview 
  2. A list will appear with all the experiences including both patient and substitute. 
  3. The second column contains the number of reported experiences for the corresponding experience.
    Screen Capture

Search Log Entries:

Search Log Entries provides the ability to search all and/or specific competencies, questions, and/or dates. 

  1. Click Search Log Entries
  2. Search parameters appear to search for all and/or certain competencies

Screen Capture

Expectation Summaries:

The expectation summary shows how many required competency experiences are needed and how many are completed. 

  1. Click Expectations Summary
  2. The menu will open where specific dates and/or all logs completed to date can be selected:
    Screen Capture
  3. Once the parameters have been set, click the Generate Summary Report button.
  4. This will open a new browser tab. Within the page there will be the Overall tab and the Parent Course Facet (e.g. 01 - AC Facet on the tab below). Click on the Parent Course Facet tab.
    Screen Capture
  5. This will show a report that will outline the following:
    1. Each competency (listing both the patient and substitute options)
    2. The total number per competency required
    3. The total number per competency reported
      Screen Capture 

Questions & Support

For questions and support, please email:

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