SSO Listener - System Settings Check

How to confirm that the SSO (Single Sign-On) app is enabled properly in the System Settings. If SSO is not enabled properly it can affect the automatic mapping of SMPH network drives.

-- From the Apple Menu toolbar select System Settings.

Apple Menu - System Settings

-- Select Privacy & Security.

  • Choose Files and Folders

Privacy & Security - Files and Folders

-- Click the drop down arrow next to SSOListener.

  • Confirm that Network Volumes is toggled on.

SSO Listener - Network Volumes

-- Select Privacy & Security.

  • Choose Automation.

Privacy & Security - Automation

-- Click the drop down arrow next to SSOListener

  • Confirm that Finder is toggled on.

SSO Listener - Finder

-- Ensuring that the above mentioned configurations (SSOListener/Finder and SSOListener/NetworkVolumes) are enabled, may help resolve drive mapping issues.

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