Access and Share Data from a Guest Collection

This page will walk you through how to create a new guest collection and add or remove permissions for people that the collection has been shared with.

Creating a New Guest Collection

  1. Create the folder you intend to share in Silo and wait 15 minutes for it to sync in Globus. If sharing data with other people the folder should be under the GlobusExport folder at the top level of your project. If other people are uploading data to you, the folder can be anywhere. Once the folder is made (if applicable), upload the data you are sharing.
  2. Log in to Globus as usual. If this is your first time logging in to Globus please see the section on logging in to Globus for the first time for instructions on how to log in.
  3. Connect to the collection that your folder is stored in (The SSCC Silo Transfer Collection or SMPH Silo Transfer Collection).
  4. Navigate to the directory where the shared folder is stored.
  5. Click on the folder and hit the share option.
    globus shared
    1. You may get a window asking for permission for the Globus Web App to manage collections, hit the allow button.
      permission access
  6. In the guest collections window, hit add guest collection.
  7. When you are creating a new guest collection, the only required fields are the directory field and the display name.  The other fields are optional. You can adjust the directory as needed.
    create new guest collection

Creating or Editing Permissions for Guests

Once the guest collection is made you can start adding people to it. You can also return to the guest collection to edit permissions and add or remove individuals as needed. Only the collection's owner can edit permissions.

  1.  If you are creating a new guest collection you will be able to do this after creating the guest collection. If you are returning to edit permissions you will need to navigate to the shared folder.
  2. Click on the folder you want to create or edit permissions for and hit the share button. From there a list of guest collections will be shown.
  3. Click on the guest collection you want to edit.
  4. Click on the Permissions tab.
  5. Any existing permissions will show and you can edit them as needed.
  6. To add a new user to share with, click on the Add Permissions - Share With button.
    add permissions
  7. In this window you can set the permissions for accessing the guest collection. The path and share with sections can be left with their default. Please note that the path will show as "/" to all guests regardless of the actual path to the directory. Enter in the name of the guest to find their name in the list. In order for someone to show on the list and be granted access they must have a Globus account/ID. You can set permissions for each individual. Read is set by default and allows the guest to view the folder.  Write should be chosen if the guest is allowed to upload.
    add permissions name
  8. Once you have created permissions for the guest and shared it they will appear in the Shared With window.  From there you can edit their permissions (turn write permissions on or off) or delete the guest from the collection entirely.
    permissions set
  9. The guest will receive any email stating that a folder/directory has been shared with them and will be given a url that they can use to access the folder.

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