L&S Budget Build: 131 Profit

This page contains instructions for the 131 Budget Template in L&S. This page has been updated for fiscal year 2025.

The deadline for fiscal year 2025 has passed. The instructions are archived below.

Fiscal year 2025 instructions

Documents & Deadlines

Instructions for the 131 Profit Template

The template is filled out as part of the annual Budget Build process in L&S. L&S Departments/programs with 131 profit accounts need to complete this budget build document. 131 profit accounts include profit from Summer Term and 131 programs (professional masters, professional certificates, and VISP).

The budget build template calculates estimates for revenue and planned expenses.

Note: there is a separate Budget Build template for 131 programs: L&S Budget Build: 131 Programs 

Revenue Estimates

Revenue Estimate

This section of the spreadsheet calculates an overall revenue estimate, based on summer revenue, FY24 carryover, and other 131 income.

Possible sources:

  • FY24 Carryover: Estimated carryover from fiscal year 2024 in the 131 profit account (i.e., current WISER balance minus remaining FY24 expenses).
  • For Summer Term, enter the current estimated surplus for Summer 2024. This figure is available on your department/program's Financial Report.
  • Departments with 131 Professional Programs should list their anticipated profit from year-end FY24.


This section of the spreadsheet includes salaries to be funded by 131 profit. Add rows as needed to the following tables.

Salary Costs - Faculty, Academic Staff & University Staff
Employee Name & Title

Employee name & title. Add one row per employee.

FY25 Salary Estimate

Salary funded on this 131 profit for the fiscal year.

The total for this column includes a 25% fringe estimate.

Employee Category

Select employee category:

  • Faculty
  • Academic Staff
  • University Staff

Do not include short-term staff (including Visiting Faculty) or graduate assistants in this table.

STS & Student Salaries


Select title category. Possible values:

  • Short-term staff
  • Project Assistants
  • Student Hourlies

Please note that Visiting Faculty should be included in the STS estimate.

FY25 Estimate

Total estimated salary funded on 131 profit (lump amount).

The total for this table adds a 25% fringe estimate.

Non-Salary Expenses

Add rows as needed to the following tables.
Supplies & Expenses

Select the subcategory. Possible values:

  • Services
  • Supplies
  • Travel/Training/Recruitment
  • Maintenance/Repairs
  • Misc Expenses
  • Scholarships/Fellowships
  • Other-Add Note
    • Used for expenses that aren't in one of the above categories; add information to the 'Notes' if using
    • Example: Faculty Startup Package
FY25 Estimate

Total for the given subcategory.


No entry in this table.This table calculates the total estimated 131 revenue and planned expenses, and projects the year end balance.

Next Steps

The L&S Budget Office will review your documents and reach out if there are any questions. If you need to make changes after uploading your file to Box, please email Mary Beth Roberts. Do not upload additional copies of the spreadsheet after uploading.

Contacts for L&S Administration

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