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Using Mail Merge with Service Accounts

Unfortunately, using the mail merge feature with a service account (i.e. is rather cumbersome, but it is possible. Here's the process to use mail merge with a service account.


  • A desktop or laptop with a working copy of Microsoft Office. It must be a local version (not the browser-based online version) and already registered (i.e. not a fresh install, you've signed in with your NetID to license it).
  • The willingness to remove all accounts from your local copy of Microsoft Outlook
  • A service account with a set password (meaning the ability to login without relying on linked NetIDs. See your study supervisor if you're not sure if this has been set).


BEFORE YOU START: We'd recommend only trying this on a Windows-based computer. Make sure that Microsoft Outlook is set as your default mail app. To set this, click on start and type "default apps". Under "Email", make sure that "Microsoft Outlook" is selected as your default mail app.

  1. If a password does not yet exist for your service account email, CHM IT or an admin for your service account will need to set a password with you in-person. Reach out to your study admin first, as CHM IT wouldn't want to overwrite a password that's already been set. (Passwords can be set at
  2. Once the password is set, whomever is going to be doing the mail merging will need to have their NetIDs removed from the "linked" and "admin" sections of the service account by an admin of that account or CHM IT (again, using
  3. It takes 1-2 hours for a NetID to be fully removed. If you can log into your email and no longer see the linked "" account listed, you've successfully unlinked.
  4. Open Microsoft Outlook (on your desktop, NOT the online version through your browser). Remove ALL accounts (File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings. Remove all accounts). You will need Outlook to only have one primary email for this to work, and that will be the service account.
  5. Add a new account. For the username/NetID, use the name of the email_chm. For example, if your email is, your NetID/Username is: bewell_chm. Use the password that you/your study coordinator has set for the account.
  6. If all goes well, the account will be added, and email will start to populate.

Now that your service account is the only account in Microsoft Outlook, Word mail merge will have no choice but to use that account to send emails from the "mail merge" feature.

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