MFA Duo - Duo Restore

This document describes what Duo Restore is and how to use it for iOS and Android devices.

Duo Mobile's restore functionality lets you back up Duo-protected accounts for recovery to the same device or to a new device.

When you use the below methods to restore Duo accounts on a new or replacement device, be aware that:

  • Restoring or reactivating any "Duo-Protected" accounts on the new device deactivates those accounts on the old device.

Duo Restore for iOS

Enabling Duo Restore

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Duo Mobile App on your current iOS device.
  2. Back up your device to iCloud, with iCloud Keychain enabled to use Instant Restore. Nightly iCloud backups will include Duo Restore information. Encrypted iTunes or Finder backups will also work.

Due to how apps are automatically backed up in iOS, the backup functionality of Duo Restore is always on for iOS users who have iCloud enabled and they will not see a notification indicating their information is being backed up.

Recovering Duo-Protected Accounts

  1. Restore your new or reset iOS device from your iCloud, iTunes, or Finder backup.
  2. Open the Duo Mobile app on your new device and view the accounts list.
  3. Tap Reconnect next to your Duo account in the accounts list.
  4. Log in to the Duo-protected application (i.e. MyUW).
  5. Authenticate using Duo. 
  6. After authenticating, your new iOS device should be connected to the Duo service.

Duo Restore for Android

Enabling Duo Restore

  1. Open Duo Mobile and tap the menu icon in the top right to open Settings.
  2. Tap Duo Restore in the "General" settings.
  3. On the "Duo Restore Settings" screen, tap to enable the Backup accounts with Google Drive.
  4. Select the Google account to use for Duo Restore and grant Duo Mobile permission to store the backup in your Google Drive.
  5. At this point, you can also choose to enable account recovery for your third-party accounts by tapping Automatically reconnect third-party accounts. If you don't enable this now, Duo Mobile will remind you later when you add your first third-party account.
  6. When prompted, enter and confirm a recovery password that has 10-128 characters. Do not lose this password! You'll need to provide it again to recover these accounts. Duo cannot recover this password for you. Be sure to store it securely. If you lose this password you'll need to manually reconnect your third-party accounts after restoring Duo Mobile on a new phone by visiting each of those services individually and following their 2FA setup process.

Recovering Duo-Protected Accounts

  1. From your new Android device, download the latest Duo Mobile App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Duo Mobile app on your new device.
  3. Tap I have existing accounts from the welcome screen.
  4. Duo Mobile will check for a previous backup in Google Drive. Select the Google account you used when initially setting up Duo Restore.
  5. If account information is found, you will then see the accounts on the Duo Restore screen and shown as disabled in your main accounts list, with a Reconnect action.
  6. Tap Reconnect below a Duo account in the main accounts list.
  7. Log in to the Duo-protected application (i.e. MyUW).
  8. Authenticate using Duo.
  9. After authenticating, your new Android device should be connected to the Duo service.

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