UW-Madison Google Workspace - Sharing UW-Madison Google Sites

This article explains the ways you can find and share sites with other UW-Madison Google Workspace users.

Sharing UW-Madison Google Sites

  1. Log in to UW-Madison Google Workspace with your NetID and password using the following URL:

  2. If you have multiple UW-Madison Google Workspace accounts, select the preferred account.

    Select account

    If you only have one UW-Madison Google Workspace account, you will be logged into your account automatically.

  3. Open your Google Site.

  4. Click the Share icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    Share Button

  5. In the Sharing settings menu, you will see a list of everyone who currently has access to your site, their permissions, and your general visibility settings. You can add individuals or groups by typing their email addresses into the "Add people and groups" bar at the top of the menu.

    Share Settings

  6. As you type the name or email address of the contact you would like to share with, the list below will auto-populate a UW-Madison Google Workspace account matching your criteria.

    Autopopulated list

    Note: Only UW-Madison Google Workspace accounts will be returned in the search results. If a user has a FERPA privacy flag on their account, their personal information will be omitted from the UW-Madison Google Workspace contact list.

  7. After typing in the email address of an individual or group, you can adjust that individual's permissions by clicking on the drop-down menu next to their email and selecting one of the options presented. 

    Permission settings

  8. Hit the Send button to share your site and send notifications. 

    Send button

  9. Back in the Sharing Settings menu, under the General access section, you will see the visibility settings for your draft and published sites. Click on the drop-down menu beside each of these settings to select your preferred visibility option from the list provided.

    Visibility Settings

  10. Review the settings you have selected to make sure they are correct. If the site permissions are as correct, click the Done button.

    Done button

Creating Intranets Using New Sites

New Google Sites does not allow for the creation of intranet sites. However, Google is planning on adding this feature in future updates. If you or your department would like to use New Sites to create an intranet site, Google recommends that you fill out this form with feature requests.

There are two workarounds to create an intranet site using Google Sites.

  1. You can use Classic Sites, although Classic Sites is set to be gradually decommissioned over the course of 2023.
  2. You can follow this document to learn how to use Google Groups to simulate an intranet.

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