PaperCut Printing Process from a Desktop

This document details the process of printing via PaperCut on a desktop as well as a few troubleshooting steps if there is an issue.

Printing Process 

  1. Once a print has been sent to the desired printer a “Printing Confirmation” window will appear. It may take a few seconds. 
  2. Please check if the information on the print job is correct.
  3. At the bottom click into the box under “Select the account you will use when paying for this print job:” and either select the desired NetID or choose “Specify a different user or a guest card number”
  4. Click “OK” once ready. 
  5. If “Specify a different user or a guest card number” was chosen, a “New Print Job - Alternate Credentials” window will appear.
  6. At the bottom in the text box, type in either a guest card number or the NetID that will pay for the print. As pictured below.
  7. Select “OK” once done.
  8. A third pop up window will open, please confirm by selecting the NetID or Print Card Number that you have typed in.   
  9. Then select "OK".
  10. Move to the print release station and login using the same NetID or guest print number that will pay for the print.
  11. Click “Print” on the right hand side.


  • Make sure the same NetID/print card number that was used to send the job to the printer was used on the release station.
  • Make sure the desired printer was selected for the job to be sent to. 
  • If the print job does not print and the two notes above are correct, have a staff member check on the paper and ink in the printer.
  • The images used in this KB page were taken from an auto-login kiosk, login desktops may have more options while printing. 

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